Scooters in the Sahara 2008 travel blog

Sarges is a bit of a dump, but a welcomed break. Phil came over with his mate Mark. Mark recently sold Dentons Fishing village but still lives here and does fishing. John, Ian and I went off with the two of them to find a mechanic. Phils mechanic couldnt get to us but then we found another one in a bar! I took the Shogun over to Petes garage and he confirmed that the alternator was naff. He will fix it free of charge (as far as the labour is concerned) cos it is for charity. Thank you Pete. Now comes the tricky bit, we will still take it to Bansang as it is coming back this way afterwards, it will be fixed on our return. I dropped off all my stuff at Phils tonight so I dont have to cart it around the countryside. It was good to see Jaq and Ian the Beard again. Jaq brought out some Thorntons chocolate for us all.....!!! How did she know?

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