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My favorite billboard

Whoa, hold on!

Sonnie bartering at the night market

Sushi at the night market

Yum, candied strawberries!

A parade?

Nuns at the monastary

Finally,the weekend! We finally got to spend some time with Randy and decided to take a weekend trip to Tainan. Sonnie was our tour guide again and we took to the streets to see the old temples and the night market. We didn't have a plan, but ended up having a great time just stumbling around town. The outdoor night market was amazing! This is the town gathering spot for everyone, young and old. There is unbelievable food and a million different smells as you walk up and down the aisles...the worst one being "stinky tofu", which to me smells a bit like old sweaty socks. But people eat it and love it, so I have to believe there's some good quality about this stuff. I prefer the sweets. We tried some puff patries that were shaped like airplanes and tasted like Belgian waffles. I regret not trying the candied strawberries...darn, maybe next time!

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