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Heinz in the role of "Chef"

Cocktails are ready

The fireplace & entertainment center

Marilyn & Irene looking over the Spanish lesson

Heinz & Ed enjoying a shrimp

Another picture of our gals

Yesterday was another breezy, overcast, cool, misty day. It didn't actually rain but the air was full of a heavy mist all day and the 46 degree high temperature combined with the breeze made it feel even cooler. We were pleased to receive an e-mail informing us that our softball game had been postponed. It was a perfect day to remain indoors with a good book. Did we do that? Naaaahhhh!

My cell phone which I have had for years finally showed some signs of getting old. It would shut itself down sometimes, and became very touchy with the push buttons, etc. So I made the decision to upgrade my phone. After our morning coffee I searched the phone directory, discovered a place in Harlingen, called them to be sure it was just what I wanted, and we got out for a road trip to the phone store.

It was a fun day to be out in traffic. The idiots were driving 10 to 20 mph over the speed limit, spraying water everywhere, many without lights on, so they were nearly invisible in the rain, until they were close. Grrrrr....

We found the phone place in short order and listened to the nice young lady explaining all of the features of the new phones. I ended up with a phone which takes pictures. (All of the phones now take pictures) It does other things as well, but I don't care. It is light weight and makes and receives phone calls, and is easy to use. That is what I need. Of course I had to extend my contract for another two years to get the $50.00 rebate. :) Actually that was ok with me as we are very happy with our cell phone service plan. We have service all over the country, with a few exceptions, and the unused minutes roll over. We have two phones and we pay no roaming or long distance charges. Total cost for us is $84.00 per month. That is acceptable for us.

Marilyn had a gift certificate which Jennifer sent as a birthday gift, and she wanted to use it. So I sat in the mall parking lot playing with my new phone while Marilyn went shopping. We had agreed on a time to meet and she returned right on time, happy with her purchases, and ready for lunch.

We had seen an "Olive Garden" right next to the Mall, so that is where we went. The soup, salad, & breadsticks were calling us. Yummy! Both of us really like the zuppa tuscana, which is sort of a potato soup. We have the recipe for that and have made it at home and it is really good, with bites of spicy Italian sausage in it as well as potatoes, onions and kale.

We drove back to our resort in more nasty weather and were happy to be back in our cozy little home on wheels.

I put on my pj's, grabbed my book, and retired to the bedroom, while Marilyn watched some tv and studied her Spanish.

It didn't take long for me to fall asleep and enjoy a nice nap. :)

When I awoke it was time to get ready to go over to the home of Heinz & Irene for dinner.

We have been blessed all of our married life by having some of the finest people in the world as friends. Heinz & Irene are among those in this group. Wonderful people who are an absolute joy to be around. Gilbert & Louise are also in this group and the fact that these four friends are from Canada and bring a different perspective to our conversations, only adds to our love for them.

The fireplace at Heinz & Irene's created a warm, comfortable ambiance to their beautiful home on wheels, and we enjoyed their company, the appetizers of shrimp cocktail, cheese and crackers, along with a nice drink, and good music on their sound system.

While enjoying the evening with Heinz & Irene, we received a phone call from a long time friend, Bruce, who is a retired Federal Judge, and is living in Arizona for the winter. It was so nice to hear his voice. He was delighted to hear that Jennifer is going to have a baby. Jennifer also called us, on her way home from work. She was tired after her 12 hour shift, and anxious to get home.

Heinz was the chef for the evening and we were treated to a spaghetti dinner with a very delicious sauce. Heinz loves to use garlic and that is so good. We were stuffed after the meal but ready to play "Sequence". We played six rounds with the gals and the guys evenly split on wins. We plan to settle the tie on another day. :)

Heinz treated us to his "Spanish coffee" which was a perfect ending, before we headed home. They have to get up early this morning to go on that bike ride in Mexico. Marilyn & I bowed out, along with Ben, and Ted & Sue. I suspect that others may back out also, due to the nasty weather. However, the evening with Heinz & Irene was a wonderful ending to an otherwise nasty day.

We are up and at 'em this morning, having heard some rain on the roof and listened to the furnace cycling on and off. I can't see the thermometer outdoors because of the darkness and the wetness, so I can't tell the temperature at this time.

In any case, we are going to enjoy the day and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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