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Superstition Mountains and clouds

Sunset over Apache Lake

As I finish disconnecting, the neighbor who had fixed my leak came over to take care of the water turn off. Great!

Everyday stuff done, including a stop at Walmart, where I buy another blanket, I head out the Apache Trail. First stop: the museum, which includes pictorials about mining and the Lost Dutchman Mine, Indians, cowboys, farming, and weaving, plus Americans in military uniform, starting with the dress of the Revolutionary War.

On a short walk out back I take pictures of the mountains. A sign warning of snakes keeps me attentive. A lovely home in the pueblo style someone is building catches my eye.

Next stop, the old mining town, which, though authentic, seems highly commercial. I'm not there long.

Tortilla Flats is just a wide spot in the road, but hopping. Its the first time I can ever remember live entertainment in the middle of the afternoon. (Reminds me of Germany). Two men sing westerns and tell jokes, to a pretty good sized crowd of people eating and drinking.

Soon after leaving there, the road becomes dirt and eventually narrows to one lane, although most of the time, the one lane is wide enough that two cars can pass (carefully).

All of this takes me into the heart of the mountains I had seen from a distance. On this, a clear and sunny day. I take many pictures.

Around four o'clock, I reach Apache Lake, where I plan to spend the night. Paying for a space—I'm the only one here tonight, I think—and park overlooking the lake. With almost no one around, it is so peaceful, I wander around outside, take pictures, then come in, sit in the back of the van and watch the sun die over the mountains and lakes while drinking a glass of wine (thanks to Phil and Lena) and listening to Beethoven sonatas.

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