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One of the most enjoyable parts of the full-time RVer lifestyle is having the freedom to be where you want to be. That allows us to go where the weather is warm during the winter and to be where the weather is nice during the summer. With the exception of a few days last week, we have had wonderful weather here in the valley ever since we arrived in mid October. Yesterday was just another wonderful example of why we like the valley for the winter.

When we awoke yesterday, the outdoor temperature was 60 degrees and it warmed to 80 during the day. The bright sunshine and warm temps made everyone feel good and people were out all day, walking, riding bikes, playing tennis, washing their rigs, sitting in the sunshine reading a good book, or doing any multitude of things, with the one comman theme, Being Outdoors.

Marilyn & I enjoyed our morning coffee listening to some Mexican music given to us by Gordon & Juanita. I also made a phone call to Rick & Sherry to see how they are doing. Rick sounds great and says he is doing pretty good. He is up and around, even going for short walks with Sherry. Sherry still isn't feeling great, still suffering with that winter cold. In any case, it was nice to hear their voices.

Once the morning coffee was gone, Marilyn got busy sorting the laundry. While she was away doing laundry, I went outdoors and dumped the holding tanks, searched in the basement storage area for my bungee cords and retrieved two of them to use on the bike next Friday. I then checked our propane and found one bottle empty, so I pulled it out and put it on the curb to be re-filled by the truck which rolls through the park nearly every day.

I was doing that when Heinz rode up on his bike. We visited for awhile and he asked if I wanted to ride into town with he and Gilbert, because they were going to fill their propane bottles also. I decided that would be the best option because I always enjoy being in the company of these good friends.

It wasn't long before Heinz and Gilbert pulled up in front of our RV. We loaded my tank in the back of the truck with their tanks and we headed to town. It wasn't long before we were back with full, heavy tanks of propane. I showed the other guys the sliding tray for the propane bottles, which the Mobile Suites has as standard equipment. It is nice but it is a bit of work to get the rear bottle in or out with the front bottle still in place. I guess there is no perfect system but this works pretty good.

I also showed Gilbert how I had marked the Dish Antenna for the elevation and skew. I have one set of marks for the Rio Grande Valley and another for when we are in Hannibal. Marking these settings makes it much easier to set up when we move to each place.

Marilyn & I ate some lunch and then I made some phone calls to have our mail sent to us early this time, and called the cave in Hannibal to make sure they had mailed the W-2 forms for our time work camping last summer.

Marilyn & I decided that the weather was too nice to be inside so we went for a bike ride, stopping to visit with Richard & Mary.

Once back at the RV, we continued to stay outdoors in the sunshine, sitting in our chairs on the patio. I fixed a cold drink for each of us, a margarita for Marilyn and a rum & coke for myself. We were again outdoors in the sun when a vehicle pulled up to our site. Another RVer got out of the vehicle and I didn't recognize this gentleman but he wasn't a stranger very long. It was Ken Faiman who is one of our readers. He and his wife, Jeanne, are here for a month or more and he wanted to meet us. We quickly set up another chair, offered him a drink and began to get aquainted. He is a nice guy with a great sense of humor and we enjoyed his company. I'm sure we will be seeing more of Ken and will meet Jeanne later.

We went back inside but left the windows and the door open to enjoy the nice weather.

We watched some TV before going to bed to read for awhile. We did close the windows and the door before going to bed, but had no need for any heat during the night.

We had a good night of sleep and I now have a hot cup of coffee in front of me, compliments of my beloved spouse. :)

It is time to get off of here and join her. This is going to be a wonderful day and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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