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Grand Cayman and snorkel spots

This area is dedicated to the port of Grand Cayman and any activities that we may plan for in the future. Lynn (lnew1gd1) will be providing information. Everyone is welcome to add to this area.

About Grand Cayman

A self-governed colony under the auspices of Great Britain, the Cayman has established itself as a world-class resort area and one of the West Indies' most popular cruise ship destinations. Seven Mile Beach, located just north of George Town, is Grand Cayman's premier playground, featuring crystal clear waters and eerily white beaches.

At night, Seven Mile showcases its flair for the fantastic with handfuls of fine dining restaurants, waterside bars, and NYC-caliber discos flanking the beach's fashionable main drag, West Bay Road.

Shoppers, too, will find plenty to do, see, and buy in the Cayman Islands, with areas like Cardinal Avenue, Elizabethan Square, West Shore, and Queen's Court carrying everything from imported leather goods and hand-cut jewelry to brand-name apparel and West Indian rums.

Thrill-seekers should not pass on the opportunity to snorkel while visiting the island, since the ever-popular Stingray City in the North Sound, the shipwrecked "Ten Sails" at East End, the coral reef off Colliers Point, and the azure waters off nearby Cayman Brac and Little Cayman offer diving experiences you'll not soon forget.

Nature-lovers, meanwhile, can explore this tropical paradise by making their way up Frank Sound Road to the surreal Mastic Trail, a 200-year-old trail that winds its way into one of the West Indies' few remaining tropical rain forests, and the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, 60-plus acres of unspoiled wetlands, mahogany forests, and a stunning array of orchids, bromeliads, crotons, and hibiscus.

Sights and Activities:



According to luv2cruz44's daughter Leslie, when she was there in December of 2004, she used Eden Rock which she described as a good refresher "shore Dive". It was not deep and fairly easy. She said it was hard to find any company outside of those that the ships use and might require a lot of research. She described those you book thru the ship as "cattle boats", meaning lots of divers at extreme levels of capability.

She felt that as Caribbean diving goes, Grand Cayman is one of the top 4 places to go. If you've never dived the Caribbean before you will enjoy the warm water and clear visibility. She also cautioned that if you are used to Australia or Fiji, you will be disappointed in the Caribbean, in her opinion. Hope this info is helpful for any of the divers on board.

Tour Operators: Swim with the Sting Rays and city tours.

Nativeway water sports and land tours

Stingray and Island 4 hours, $60.00 per person

Discover the often overlooked land-based treasures of the island and experience the thrill of swimming with the 'rays at Stingray City Sandbar, all in one excursion.

Our favorite land and sea option combines Native Way's Grand Island Tour with a trip to Stingray Sandbar, the only place in the world where you can not only see, but swim among, some 40 Southern Atlantic stingrays.

Our modern, air-conditioned buses, and friendly local guides, will take you to the world-famous Turtle Farm, Tortuga Rum Factory, 7-Mile Beach, and the Governor's House. And you'll go to Hell ... and back ... but only after cooling off in the crystal-clear, calm waters at Stingray Sandbar. You can swim under, over, and among the rays. And Native Way instructors will show you how to pet, hand-feed and snorkel alongside these friendly creatures.

10:00am Eastern Time - 2:00pm Eastern Time

Rays, Reef and Rum Point

5 hours, Adult $60.00, children under 10 $45.00 pp.

Stingray Sandbar, Barrier Reef & Rum Point Beach

Leave the crowds behind ...and enjoy a full day of island fun and adventure on our 'Rays, Reef, and Rum Point excursion.

Swim under, over, and among dozens of friendly 'rays at Stingray Sandbar. Snorkel amidst the amazing underwater life of Barrier Reef. Enjoy the turquoise waters and quiet, unspoiled beaches of Rum Point. All in one day ... done the Native Way.

We guarantee small groups - never more than 25 people - on this popular excursion, which is a favorite with adventurers of all ages. It's led by experienced, lively local guides and includes a generous picnic lunch (for you, plus a special meal for the stingrays!) and plenty of beverages.

Stingray Sandbar: The Stingray City Sandbar, located inside the Barrier Reef, is teeming with 30 to 40 Southern Atlantic stingrays, some of the friendliest sea creatures in the world. The only place in the world where you can do so, enjoy the thrill of swimming with and feeding the 'rays. Native Way instructors will show you how to pet, hand-feed and snorkel alongside these velvety-smooth creatures with whip-like tails.

Barrier Reef: This spectacular snorkelers' heaven, and haven, is home to more than 100 species of coral and an amazing myriad of colorful fish and sea creatures.

Rum Point Beach: At picturesque Rum Point kick back and take a snooze in a beach hammock or get off the beach and enjoy the water sports. Away from the crowds, this tranquil spot with its shade trees, picnic tables and pearly white beaches is an ideal spot for swimming, sunning, or snoozing. The shallow clear waters of a huge lagoon are perfect for children and novice swimmers.

9:00am Eastern Time - 2:15pm Eastern Time9:30am Eastern Time - 2:15pm Eastern Time (Wednesdays only)11:15am Eastern Time - 4:30pm Eastern Time (Wednesdays only)

Stingray Sandbar, Coral Gardens and Starfish Snorkel , 3 hours. Adults $35.00, children under 12 $25.00

Get ready for excitingly unique adventure, as you swim among the stingrays -- some of the friendliest sea creatures in the world!

Featured in National Geographic Magazine, Stingray City is the Cayman Islands' most popular site. Here, 30 to 40 gentle Southern Atlantic stingrays swim freely in 3-5 feet of crystal-clear current-free waters, waiting to see what you've brought them for lunch.

Stingray City was created by accident in the mid-80s, when fishermen, returning to port, anchored in the calm waters of the Sound to clean their catch and discard bait overboard. The stingrays, drawn by the smell of the fish, quickly became accustomed to the "free meal" and stayed. Today, the rays regularly dine on the squid provided by divers and snorkelers. Native Way instructors will show you how to pet, hand-feed and snorkel alongside these velvety smooth creatures in the only place in the world where you can do so.

Coral Gardens, a coral reef covered in 10 feet of clear turquoise water, features some of the most spectacular coral formations in the world. Here you'll also encounter an incredible variety of tropical fish, friendly Moray eels, amazing underwater plant life and an interesting array of other sea life.

Star Fish Snorkel: Visit a magical location where you will snorkel above huge, colorful star fish. Whether you personally dive down for them or watch our guides bring them up for you to look at, the experience will be amazing.

9:00am Eastern Time - 12:15am Eastern Time

9:30am Eastern Time - 12:45pm Eastern Time (Wednesdays only)

11:15am Eastern Time - 2:30pm Eastern Time (Wednesdays only)

Fishing Charter

Enjoy a half-day or a full day of reef and bottom fishing with Native Way captains who know where the action is! Your catch may include snapper, grouper, barracuda and porgies. The all-inclusive price also includes bait, tackle, and soft drinks. Since this tour involves chartering the entire boat, you may enjoy this adventure with your family and friends.

Hell / Turtle Farm Tours

Check-in time for this Island Tour is 30 minutes before your tour at our office in the Waterfront Centre. We can schedule this trip either before or after your snorkeling trip, or on its own, depending on cruise ship schedules and availability. Just email us and we can advise you on the timing.

First Stop: Governor's House for photo opportunity

Second Stop: Old Homestead for photo opportunity

Third Stop: Photo stop at Seven Mile Beach

Fourth Stop: Turtle Farm (Approx. 30 minutes.)

Fifth Stop: Hell (Approx. 20 minutes.)

Tour Price: US$30.00 including admission to the Turtle Farm. This price is subject to change.


Short Excursion (approx. 2.5 hours):

Times: 8:30 AM to 10:45 AM, (Check in by 8:00 AM)

11:15 AM to 1:30 PM, (Check in by 10:45 AM)

1:45 to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday (Check in by 1:15 PM)

· Stingray City sandbar, where you may feed and swim with the 'rays

· Snorkel at the incredible Barrier Reef or the Coral Gardens!

· Price: US$35/ages 12 and over; US$27.50/ages 4-11; under age 4, free!

· Price includes round-trip transportation from the Waterfront Centre, or from your condo or hotel on Seven Mile Beach, PLUS snorkel gear, life vest (optional), food for the stingrays, and icewater and fruit punch on board the boat.

Walk-ins: US$40/person

Half-day Excursion: 10 AM to 1 PM, or 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Saturday (Check in by 9:15 AM or by 1:45 PM)

9 AM to 12 noon, or 1 PM to 4 PM on Sundays (Check in by 8:15 AM or by 12:15 PM)

· Stingray City sandbar, where you may feed and swim with the 'rays

· Snorkel at the beautiful Coral Gardens

· Snorkel at the incredible Barrier Reef!

· Price: US$39.99/ages 12 and over; US$27.50/ages 4-11; under age 4, free!

· Price includes round-trip transportation from the Waterfront Centre, or from your condo or hotel on Seven Mile Beach, PLUS snorkel gear, life vest (optional), food for the stingrays, and icewater and fruit punch on board the boat.

Walk-ins: US$45/person

Full-day Excursion: 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM Monday through Saturday (Check in by 8:45 AM)

· a conch dive(in season only—Nov. 1st through April 30th ; from May 1st through Oct. 31st you will have an extra snorkeling stop). Your captain will prepare marinated conch as an appetizer for your--

· fresh mahi-mahi lunch on the beach at the Kaibo Yacht Club

· one snorkeling stop--either the Coral Gardens or the Barrier Reef

· the famous Stingray City sandbar

· Price: US$65.00/ages 12 and over; US$45.00/ages 4-11; under age 4, free!

· Price includes round-trip transportation from the Waterfront Centre, or from your condo or hotel on Seven Mile Beach, PLUS snorkel gear, life vest (optional), food for the stingrays, seafood lunch, and icewater and fruit punch on board the boat

Please note that there is a 10-person minimum for this trip. If the minimum is not met on the day you have requested, we will be happy to put you on one of our other excursions if time and availability allow. You will not be charged for the full day trip if the trip is canceled.




Horseback in Grand Cayman at it's best!!! Ever dreamt of riding a beautiful horse on a deserted beach? Just imagine the tranquil blue waters lapping along a pristine beach in Grand Cayman, the only foot prints in the sand are those of your horse. The gentle Caribbean breeze rustling through the trees and the soft whisper of your companion as you discuss the beauty of the scenery encompassing you. Truly, this is Paradise!

You can join us for a spectacular morning horseback ride along the beautiful pristine and deserted beaches Grand Cayman Island. The horses will guide you along our dense tropical forest trails onto the the waters edge of this out of the way beach. The family owned and operated Stable is perfect for those who like that "personal touch" to their family vacation fun!

This top of the line Stable can accommodate riders from novice to the experienced. We offer both Western and English saddles and helmets for children. Basic instructions are provided for beginners in order to insure your comfort. Especially if this is your first horseback riding experience.

You can choose from the following rides:

Group Ride: 10 horses max per group, approximately 1.15hr, $90usd per rider.

Private Ride: Just your group, perfect for Intermediate and Expert Riders. Ride or gallop at your own speed. Approximately 1.15hr, $100usd per rider.

Swim with the horses ride: Swim in the Crystal Blue Caribbean water with your horse! Approximately 1.5hrs, $125usd per rider.

Alternatively you can choose the evening sunset beach ride. The horses will guide you along the beach as the Caribbean sun slowly sets. The illustrious Cayman sunset is an unforgettable show of cascading watercolors concluding with the elusive green flash as the sun melts into the Caribbean Sea.

All of their horses are fit, friendly and lovingly cared for. They also restrict the number of beach rides each horse does daily to insure adequate rest and prevent dehydration and exhaustion often observed in horse of this profession.

If you have any questions or are interested in booking a beach ride while visiting Grand Cayman, please fill in the beach rides reservation form we will confirm your availability via E-mail ASAP with an availability confirmation. Please keep in mind a credit card deposit will be needed in order to have a confirmed reservation upon availability confirmation. Cash or Traveler Check will be needed to pay for the beach ride.

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