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This area is dedicated for activities which we as a group plan for in the future.

Poker Run/Cabin crawl.

$5.00 per person. Debbie is in charge of the Poker run/cabin crawl. Fourth sea day, March 27, 2009, 2 PM. We will be visiting 7 cabins on our cabin crawl/poker run. Hosts will have a deck of cards. Each person participating will draw one card. That card will be recorded and the highest hand wins the pot at the last cabin. Host cabins will be providing snacks of their choice and liquid refreshments may be purchased by the "crawlers" at bar stops along the route.

Hosts, Card/snack room

1.) Ann and Gale TBA

2.) Lynn and Dennis 7298, Cat 11 Corner Aft wrap balcony, port

3.) Sandy 4168, balcony, port

4.) Aussie Deb and Steve (MOTH), 5295, Corner Aft wrap balcony, starboard

5.) Karen and Gary 5177, starboard

6.) Lorna, 6181, balcony, Cat 11, starboard

7.) Debbie and Mark last room and payout, 6217 Cat 12 Penthouse, starboard

Participant list

1.) Lynn and Dennis

2.) Paul and Lisa

3.) Gary and Karen

4.) Ann and Gale

5.) Sandy

6.) Karen and Gary

7.) Lorna and Jessica

8.) Aussie Debbie and Steve

9.) Kenny and Billie


11.) Tracy and Bill

12.) Laurie and JP

13.) Velvet1153

14.) Tyna and Bill

15.) Steve and Liz

16.) Rich and Rhonda

17.) Mike and Kitty

18.) Denise and Tom

19.) Steve and Carolyn

20.) Jo & Bud

21.) Robyn and Jay

22.) Sonya and Ron

23.) Howard and Vera

24.) Charlie and Merna

25.) Lynn (Paul and Lisa's friend)

26.) Mike and Pat

27.) Gale and Don

28.) Dennis and Betty

Poker Run Stops

2.00 pm . Meet at the Perfect Game Bar located on the Promenade Deck. Buy a drink. Here we will collect money and give instructions.

Cabin 5135. Upper Deck. Hosts Ann and Gale. Pick up your first card

Cabin 7298. Veranda Deck. Hosts Lynn and Dennis. Pick up your second card.

Poseidon’s Bar on the Lido deck for a little refreshment.

Cabin 4168. Main Deck. Host Sandy. Pick up your third card.

Cabin 5177. Upper Deck. Hosts Gary and Karen. Pick up your fourth card.

Cabin 6181. Empress Deck. Host Lorna and Jessica. Pick up your fifth card.

Atrium Bar for a little top off on that drink.

Cabin 5295. Upper Deck. Hosts Aussie Deb and Steve. Pick up your sixth card.

Cabin 6217. Empress Deck. Hosts Mark and Debbie. Pick up your final card.

Back to the Perfect Game Bar and we will see who has “the perfect game”. Winner will be paid at this time.

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