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Yesterday we awoke to a clear sky and the promise of warmer weather. It did warm to a high of 68 before slowly drifting downward, but it was a nice day. Only a sweater or a sweatshirt was needed to be outdoors.

I was awake early so I got up and did the journal entry before taking a shower and getting dressed. I also took the time to finally answer some of the messages and e-mails we have received since Christmas. I know, I know, I should do a better job of keeping up. Guilty as charged! :)

Marilyn & I had our morning coffee indoors and then, while Marilyn put a beef roast with potatoes, carrots, onion, celery and cabbage into the slow cooker, I went outdoors to install a carrier on the rear of my bike. Now we can carry a lunch with us by strapping it on the bike.

I then returned indoors and set up our printer/scanner to scan something for Sue. Marilyn also wanted to print out some things for her Spanish lessons, from the internet. She is doing so well with her Spanish that I am very proud of her and she enjoys it so much. She is able to read Spanish pretty good now. We hope that we can continue to use a bit of our Spanish while we are back in Missouri but I doubt if there will be much of an opportunity for that.

I had a DVD to return to Carl and a few items to return to Sue, so I took off for a walk. Before I was back I had stopped at Carl & Linda's, Heinz & Irene's and Ted & Sue's.

Once I returned to the RV, Marilyn asked if we could go out for breakfast and I replied in the affirmative. She then suggested that we go see our newly arrived friends, Richard & Mary to ask if they would like to go along. When I arrived at their Mobile Suite, I discovered that another couple we had met in San Antonio was here also. Bill & Bobbie had arrived at the same time as Richard & Mary, so the six of us ended up driving in to Mingo's for breakfast.

We enjoyed the food and getting reaquainted with these friends before they left to find the farmers market.

Once we returned to the RV, I needed to see if Gilbert & Louise were home because Louise had purchased a large needle for me to use in repairing the day/night shades.

It wasn't long before everything was in order and we could settle down to watch some football. The Patriots won ugly but maintained their winning streak. While that game was on, we had a call from our friends, Gordon & Juanita, who were nearby, returning from a morning of geo-caching near Edinburg. They stopped by to visit for awhile and we enjoyed the company. Gordon keeps us entertained with his stories, etc, while Juanita is more quiet. They informed us that they were planning to spend much of next winter here at Llano Grande, which delights us. They already know most of our other friends here and they fit in perfectly. It will be a fun group here once again, next winter.

Marilyn & I were needing to leave to attend a softball team picnic bar-b-cue here at the resort, so we piled into the truck and drove down to the Hall where the group was gathered. Everyone on the team was there, Dave was grilling chicken on a smoker/grill, using mesquite wood for the fire. That sent tantalizing aromas over the entire area.

The food was good and the company was fun. We had a nice time but we left at the same time as a few others, to go home and watch the Green Bay/NY Giants football game. The Giants won in overtime after failing at several chances to win in regulation.

Marilyn & I were worn out by a very busy day so I went to bed to read. Marilyn wanted to finish her book so she stayed up. She is like me in that, when we read in bed, we can only read a few pages before dropping off to sleep.

I think I may have heard it raining last night but I am not sure of that. It is still too dark to see anything outdoors, but I have high hopes of getting our basement storage area cleaned up today. That will please my better half. :)

Our time here in the valley is getting short and we have many things yet to do. It will be a busy couple of weeks before we head back north for the birth of our first grandson.

Well, time to get started on the day. I know it is going to be a good day and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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