ASIS Travel Adventures 2007-08 travel blog

Quiver trees but hardly what I call a forest!

More quiver trees and lots of rock in this so called 'forest'

Other plant life in the Quiver tree forest

Quiver tree forest walk

Close up of the quiver tree bark

Finally spotted the cheetah hiding in the shade jsut outside the Quiver...

One of the many dust devils we saw along the road today

Oryx and ostrich frequent the landscape

The road north took us to the town of Keepmanshoop, which allowed us to grocery shop, do quick e-mail and others in our group to visit a much-needed dentist and doctor. We seem to be buying water like there is no tomorrow.

While we waited for the others in our group we drove to the Kokerboom (Quiver Tree) forest. Very cool. These trees have a very strange shape and can survive drought and heat very well. Tribes’ years ago used the bark from these trees to make quivers for their arrows.

Two cheetahs are housed there but were difficult to spot. We did eventually spot them hiding under the trees. Not very exciting since we had experienced so much on safari in Kenya and Tanzania.

Along route we saw many large sand dust devils. The wind gathered the sand in the open areas until it resembled a small tornado of sand. Eventually our drive gets us to Hardap Recreation Resort where our rooms are basic. We share bathroom facilities and kitchen with one other couple. Our guide tried to take us for a game drive but the roads resembled a washboard, which our truck rumbled and rattle and shook so much that the animals ran away. We soon gave up and drove back to our accommodation for the night.

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