Mexican Backroads by Motorcycle 2008 travel blog

This truck was at the bottom of a deep gorge.

This truck was at the bottom of a deep gorge.

Roadside Scenery south of Ensenada

Large Vineyards South of Ensenada

A cactus farm near El Rosario

We slept in a little after a noisy night trying sleep with horns blaring until well into the early morning hours. Once again it was a chilly morning so it was just as well we did not try to start off early.

We went to breakfast at the hotel restaurant and found it brightly decorated and nearly full. It turned out to be a baby shower and there was at least 50 ladies having breakfast with the mother to be. It was quite an affair.

It was a breakfast buffet and just as we were getting up to get some breakfast there was an announcement and they all got up at once to go through the buffet line. Since there was no chance of us getting to the food in the near future we decided to forego breakfast and hit the road.

There is quite a bit of city heading south but we finally wound our way through the traffic and into the countryside. The road was narrow and winding most of the day and a pleasure to ride.

We traveled through a variety of landscapes from ocean shoreline to desert to hills covered in scrub. There were various types of agriculture operations in the valleys from strawberries to edible cactus,

About halfway through the day the side-winds of the ocean grew stronger and the temperature dropped to below 50 F. The combination of wind and temperature drop made it darn cold.

We arrived in El Rosario about 4:00 PM and found a fantastic little motel. We met a couple of surfers from San Diego outside the office who told us this we would be very happy with the motel. At $35.00 we did not expect too much but we were very pleasantly surprised. Our room was as nice as we have ever stayed in.

If you are ever in El Rosario definitely check into the Baja Cactus motel.

The restaurant next door was highly recommended. "Mama Espinosa's" is owned by a legendary lady who is about 100 years old. This restaurant has been a checkpoint for the Baja 1000 for every race over the past 40 years. It is filled with pictures and memorabilia from the race and the food was very good as well.

The room has a combination heater/air conditioner however the heating capacity must be pretty low. The room was at 60 F when we checked in and with the heater on full we only managed to raise the temperature to 65 F.

We are getting pretty anxious to find some warm. We expected Mexico would be warm this time of year but so far Baja has been pretty cold.

We are getting by with our limited Spanish and learning a little more each day. The food is great. The drivers are not all that attentive so focus is the key in traffic. So far we are really enjoying trying to learn more about the culture of Mexico. One thing for sure, the people have been warm, friendly and accommodating.

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