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Spotted trunkfish

Isn't he pretty?

Diamond Lil in the distance

Canopy Tour at Gumbalimba Park

The resort from out in the water

Plenty to do







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Henry Morgan Resort - especially for Donna and Kathy!

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Walking from West Bay Beach to West End (part 1)

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off the beaten path (walk - part 2)

Time has slipped quietly by in West End and we're surprised to find that we've been here for 9 days already. We had only planned to spend a few days but as luck would have it the front forecast to come through a few days ago was weak and uneventful and we were able to stay on our mooring ball.

Our water tank is empty and we have a prescription to pick up in French Harbour, otherwise we probably wouldn't leave at all. I cannot remember the last time we stayed in such a perfectly gorgeous place as this. It truly is a Paradise.

We finally broke down and hauled some laundry to shore and dropped it off at a little laundry service directly beside the restaurant where we get free internet access with breakfast. It was a great plan.

However when we asked what time the laundry would be done we were told "No luz" which means no lights or in this case "no power". Ah yes, the sound of the generator running, so common that we hadn't even noticed it. So no laundry, no internet access but still we were able to get a nice, hot breakfast.

Just as we were trying to decide whether to recover our dirty laundry and head back to French Harbour, the "luz" came back on so we're back to Plan A. I will catch up on the website and email messages while the laundry is washed and dried.

We last did laundry on Nov 29th at Mario's Marina. Yes really! Since then I have been washing it and hanging it out to dry on the boat, which isn't a big deal, except for the small amount of water we carry (80 gallons). We need a lot of showers when we are snorkelling every day so it doesn't leave a lot of water to do laundry.

80 gallons may sound like a lot to you landlubbers but it really isn't. Normally 80 gallons last us about a week. We use separate water for drinking, coffee, tea and cooking. I did some cleaning yesterday too, something I'd do much more often if I had more water (LOL).

BIG NEWS - Aunt Donna and Kathy (her sister for any of you who don't know) are coming to Roatan for a week on Feb 8th. They are staying at the Henry Morgan resort on West Bay. The Captain and I went down twice to snoop around. The first time my batteries died in my camera as soon as we got there so I returned a couple of days ago and took some pix. I can't wait to have some friendly faces from home and some women to talk to! John can't wait either, to drop me off to talk to some women and give him a break.

Imagine spending all your time, 24/7 with your spouse in an area the size of our boat. It's a wonderful life and I wouldn't trade it for anything BUT there are times we you need to talk to someone else for a change.

My plan the second day I went to Henry Morgan's was to take some pictures and then walk back the West End. John dropped me off and looked forward to a few quiet hours on the boat. We arranged a place to meet in West End.

I walked up an enormous hill and at the top stumbled across a Zipline Ride, that takes people from treetop to treetop way up high in the rainforest. Kathy mentioned perhaps taking in this activity and I would love to join her because John wouldn't dream of it. I filmed some people as they set off on their ride and then followed a little trail that I was told led to the anchorage below.

Well it did eventually but it didn't look like anyone had used the trail for a long time and I lost it a couple of times. Luckily I ran into a couple from Mississauga in the jungle and we found our way out. Some of the best adventures are unplanned. John gave me HELL for leaving the road but I had a great time and made a little video for you.

For anyone who is interested in reading my latest article on the PMM website here is the link

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