Exploring South Africa travel blog

Travel briefing at Graskop

Mac Mac Falls - one of the best in the area

Mac Mac Falls even has craft vendors

Long climbing road out of the valley

Forest workers tending newly planted trees

Peak with cloud cap

Lots of flowers along the roadway

The "other" side of the tracks

The Upscale side

Cosmos Flowers beside road - seeds arrived in imported hay

More Cosmos

Caravan in Travel Stop on N4

Sally was excited by this

The Cafe

We think this is a pineapple field

Nuke power plant in the distance

Rural scenery - Kansas?

Cosmos is everywhere

Another set of Nuke plant towers

More Kansas

Still another set of Nuke plant towers

N4 is a toll road - excellent driving

Witbank RV park is in the shadow of Nuke plant towers

Jim & Jim cook dogs

Mostly our Maui's in the park

Cleaning up refrigerator left overs

To Witbank March 25

Today was a great drive along Carriage Way N4. It started with mountain roads with scenic valleys. We passed loggers at work on the hillsides and crews tending to newly planted forest areas. In a medium sized community we passed through we saw a gated community of new houses, and all of them had a satellite TV antenna.

Arriving at N4 we drove through farm areas that made you feel you were traveling through Missouri. Scenic and prosperous looking. At our lunch stop Sally was surprised to see "Seattle Coffee" advertised on large signs outside the Cafe. As I said, you could believe you were in Missouri.

The Witbank RV Park is on a large lake. It is another large recreational area being used by few people. A large community of new houses is in view directly across the lake, with several Nuclear Power Plant towers in the background. A man fishing at the lakeside in front of us said he had formerly owned and farmed the area across the lake, but conditions had changed and made farming less profitable than selling the land for the subdivision.

On the other side of N4 from our RV park is a large new Casino and a new shopping Mall that is the equivalent of a normal sized mall in the US. I was able to get a few more photos uploaded and catch up on E-Mail at the News Cafe, which had free wifi.

We had a cookout in the evening of hot dogs supplemented with the clean-out of all our refrigerators. The evening was cool and it was down to 46 degrees by morning.

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