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waiting with our folks to go to the airport

Beachcomber Island

proof that my feet did indeed hit the water

these were the men that serenaded us while we were there

leaving the island on the water taxi

After scratching my head for a bit, I think I've finally figured out what day it is... I can't believe it has been nearly a week since I've left home!

Now I may be mistaken, but if I did the math correctly it took me a mere 33 hours to get from my doorstep in Grasston to the sunny beach of Beachcomber Island in Fiji ( The flight with Kristine, Britt and I went well. We even picked up another on the way. Her name is Mari and she is from UND. As luck turns out, she was also stopping in Fiji on her way to the same university as us! The four of us have been nearly inseparable since, making the transition extremely effortless.

On our first day in Fiji we didn't do much but lie on the beach and familiarize ourselves with the island. Immediately we realized just how friendly the locals were. The greeting in Fiji is bula which is translated to "life, health, happiness" and vinaka is translated to "thank you". Words can not explain how cordial the Fijians were to us. Unfortunately, jet lag had the best of us on our first day and we went to bed at 9:00. (3am at home, so not too bad I guess).

On our second day in Fiji we started our day out by viewing coral from a glass bottomed boat and were even able to feed fish. As the day progressed we decided to try parasailing out. Of course, I ended up going first and much to my dismay they failed to tell me that my feet were going to be dipped into the water half way into the ride. To make a long story short, it wasn't that bad and I would go parasailing again in a heartbeat. To finish off the evening I tried Kava. Take a look at this website if you'd like to hear all about Kava:

Our third day in Fiji consisted mainly of snorkeling. Not only was I amazed by what we saw when we were dropped off by the boat, but later on in the day I had a stingray come right up to me as I was cooling off thigh-deep in the water. Between that and finding out that I was being bitten by Sea Lice, lets just say that all water activities ceased at that time!

Our trip from Fiji to Maroochydore went well for the most part and I am glad to be unpacked and finally connected to the internet. My separation from the internet nearly killed me... Sorry it took me so long to update my journal.

All in all, I love it here. It's a bit hot for my taste, but the people here are so nice that making friends is practically effortless. I'll try my best to keep you all updated, just hold tight. I'm the first to admit that I am neglecting my camera, but I will try my best to get better at taking pictures.

P.S. My two other roommates are a couple from Spain. I would guess that they are in their mid 20's. They are a sweet couple, but the language barrier is getting the best of us. Let's just say that my Spanish speaking abilities are a bit rusty. LOL!!! I haven't caught their names yet... And here I thought Kristine and I would be sharing the apartment with a pair of Aussie hunks...

Today's accomplishments: I ate my first meat pie and kinda saw a silhouette of my first kangaroo in the wild or on campus I should say.

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