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Ted, Carl & Lonnie waiting for service at Riverside

Heinz, Irene and Ralph

Irene, Ralph & Rosalie

Ed & Marilyn with Louise & Gilbert

Outdoors at Riverside

More of the Riverside amenities

Group photo

Appetizer tray at B&J Brewery

Now THAT's a burger

Ed's tiny little burger. :)

Yesterday we awoke to more rain, although the temperature wasn't too bad at 56 degrees. Marilyn & I had our coffee indoors and I had an expected phone call around 8:00 AM to inform me that the softball game had been rained out. No one knows how they will make up the rained out game since they have so few games rained out. :)

Our friends, Ralph & Rosalie seem to be having a good time here in the valley and we are delighted to have them visiting. They are getting a good look at retirement and the RV lifestyle. We planned to show them Pepe's on the River, yesterday, so we all dressed for the cooler, wet weather, and headed west. Marilyn & I wanted Ralph & Rosalie to see the Basilica where we attend Mass, so we made a stop there and walked around for awhile. After that we continued west to a brand new mall being built in Mission, TX, to stop at the Barnes & Noble store. They have a Starbucks inside Barnes & Noble so we sat at a table with coffee and some cake, visiting with our friends, including Ted & Sue, who showed up, creating a pleasant surprise.

We finally left Barnes & Noble, continuing to Pepe's on the River where we discovered, to our surprise, that Pepe's was closed. We waited on top of the levee for the rest of the gang to arrive and then went down the road a bit more to another place called the Riverside Restaurant. Due to Pepe's being closed, this place filled up in a hurry and they had only a couple of waitresses on duty. After having something to drink, we decided to leave and return to the shopping mall we had left, to a place called B&J Brewery. They have great food and all 14 of us sat at a long table together. The service was very good, the food was great and the company was wonderful, as usual. We laughed and talked and had a very good time.

The drive back to Llano Grande was in rain, fog and heavy traffic. We dropped Ralph & Rosalie off at their place to freshen up and returned to our little home on wheels.

Marilyn began popping some pop corn while I hauled in some soft drinks and put the movie in the DVD player.

Once Ralph & Rosalie showed up we settled down to watch a good movie, with pop corn, soft drinks, and good friends. Life is good!

Ralph & Rosalie stayed for awhile after the movie was over but everyone was a bit tired after our day of running around in the rain.

When our friends left, Marilyn & I put our pj's on and watched a little tv before going to bed. We slept great with the sound of rain on the roof and dreams of clear sunny skies dancing in our heads. :)

This morning the sky is still overcast and the temperature is 52 degrees. We are hoping for clear skies and warm temps today because we have a cocktail party to attend at Carl & Linda's place across the street.

Oh well, we continue to adapt, improvise and overcome. We are retired and living a wonderful life full of friends, normally great weather, and very little stress.

I do have one serious thought to pass on to you today. Our friend, Rick had his kidney removed and they found a tumor the size of a football, which did have cancer cells in it. Please continue to keep Rick & Sherry in your prayers.

We have some plans for today but I'll tell you about them tomorrow. :)

As for today, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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