Florida 2008 travel blog

Curvy roads in the North Georgia mountains. Scenic pull-out ahead.

Nice view plus graffiti.

A closer look at the graffiti. It is even all over the...

Screaming down the mountain roads...well, not really.

Evening view from our motel window.

Zooming in some on the mountains as seen from our room.

Today we got back on I-24 and ran on down through Chattanooga. There we picked up I-75 briefly before leaving the interstates for awhile. We stopped in Dalton, GA and had some lunch at a small café. After lunch Joyce said she would drive. Little did she know she was going to end up on roads like this.

She does not even like to ride on these, much less drive, but she did fine.

We stopped briefly at an overlook. The view was nice, but will be even better when the trees leaf out. One thing this stop had was lots of graffiti.

Shortly, Joyce was back to drifting nicely through the curves, when she wasn't on two wheels.

We continued on to "Historic Dahlonega" where we found a Holiday Inn Express on the edge of town that had a nice room with a fair view at a good price.

After settling in and relaxing a bit we headed downtown to find some food. The lady who checked us in to the hotel recommended Piazza, an Italian restaurant there. We did not find it at first so when we noticed an occupied police car we stopped beside him and asked directions. He recommended the same place and pointed out how to get there (we were close). There we had a very good meal and, as indicated by our desk clerk, they had some non-pasta items I could safely eat. Joyce had eggplant parmigiana and I had a steak with a stuffed portabella mushroom. Both were excellent as was the salad that preceeded them.

After dinner we returned to the room and relaxed before going to bed early. I guess we were tired as I had told Joyce we did not have to get an early start, but we still crashed early. She wanted to see some of the shops downtown and I figured they would not open until at least 9 if that early so why rush.

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