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Getting ready to go out

Ralph & Rosalie at the bird sanctuary

Mistletoe growing in the tree so....

Ralph & Ed talking Aviation, I'll bet

Another rear view

Rosalie & Ralph at Fat Daddy's

Yesterday we awoke to a solid gray overcast sky which appeared as if it could dump rain on us at any moment. The temperature outdoors was cool but not cold, at 58 degrees. It did warm to near 70 before the day was over but the rain and slight breeze made it feel cooler than that.

After our morning coffee we decided that we would take Ralph & Rosalie to the bird sanctuary and walk around looking for the different birds, and maybe the alligators and other creatures which live there.

We were able to do that before the rain appeared and after our little hike, everyone was hungry, so we went to "Fat Daddy's" for some bar-b-cue. We all liked the meat at Fat Daddy's but not the bar-b-cue sauce. They use a watery, vinegar based sauce while we prefer the thicker, sweeter sauce from Kansas City and that area. I suggested that next time we want some bar-b-cue, we should bring the meat home and use our own "Blues Hog" sauce, which is made in Missouri. Mmmmmm, good!

When we returned to the resort we made a decision to stop and talk to Heinz and to Gilbert, and then to Carl. We would have stopped to see Ted & Sue but they were gone again.

We decided that we could take some food and drink to the card room and play Mexican Train, the domino game. Heinz & Irene joined us and we had a good time with lots of laughs and much fun. It took all afternoon to play one game and no one cared who won. We just enjoyed the company of good friends.

Once we broke up that little group, Ralph & Rosalie went with Marilyn & I to the "Pizza Hut" for some pizza, while Heinz & Irene went home because they had some food ready for their dinner.

After the Pizza, Ralph & Rosalie came back to our RV with us for a little bit before heading to their motel. Marilyn & I watched the last part of "Deal or no Deal" before going to bed for the night.

We heard it raining during the night so I am not certain that we will have the softball game this morning. It is still dark outdoors so we'll see about the game later.

I need to get out to dump the holding tanks this morning, before going to the game. Maybe Ralph will be here in time for that and can observe to learn a bit more about RVs.

Rain or no rain, we will enjoy this day. It will be spent in the company of good friends and you will read about it tomorrow. As for me, well I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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