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Sunset on the Mountain

Today we made the truck happy; we didn't even start it up. After our meditation period this morning we took a fairly long walk in the desert behind us. It was a beautiful day and the temperature was just right for a walk (dodder). Fillmore continues to avoid cholla bushes much to Doug's delight as he always forgets to take his pliers with him on dodders.

We ate the leftover squash that we had yesterday for dinner. It is baked squash with quinoa and cheese stuffing. JoAnn uses red and white quinoa and we really like it. A month ago we didn't know what a quinoa was and now it is becoming a staple in our diet.

Daughter Suzy created a photo album on Walmart and invited us to visit it. We finally had to call her so she could tell us how to do that. It is a personal family album and we spent a lot of time today looking at it.

Doug settled down to watch the NFL playoffs and JoAnn spent most of the afternoon on the computer, reading blogs and playing with her bookcrossing. Laurie came by and left us some Clementine oranges, (a form of tangerine) and talked with JoAnn about 'releasing a book'. She had given JoAnn this book to read and instead of returning it to Laurie, JoAnn entered a comment about the book on the website and then posted its release point which in this case happened to be the laundry of the RV park next door. There is a sticker inside the book directing the finder to post to and tell what they did with the book. This way people can track a book around the world. Since this was JoAnn's first release, Laurie walked with her over to the laundry to ceremoniously 'release' their book. They did not tell Doug what kind of ritual they performed at this event.

This afternoon about 230, we saw a big coyote trot through the desert about 25 yards behind the camper. We often hear them at night and one night there was one very close to the camper based on its howl. We think they may enter the campground as Fillmore spends an awful lot of time in the daylight intensely sniffing the area. He has also given us an alert bark some nights when the coyotes are serenading. Fillmore got an email from his friend Linda Payne today and he is quite excited about that. He went to the window to look for her.

Our picture today is of a sunset reflected back on the mountains from outside our front door.

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