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There is something about a lazy day which just makes you feel good. Yesterday was one of those lazy days when we had no agenda. The weather was good with clear blue skies, warm temperatures, and a very light breeze. We had our morning coffee indoors because we were up early and it was still dark outdoors.

We finally got dressed for the day and I decided to go to the bank to get some cash. We usually carry very little cash but I was down to about 10 dollars and needed to go to the store. I did those little chores and spent much of the day just puttering around.

I checked our propane supply and found one bottle to be empty so I set it out to have it filled. I took the trash out. I went for a bike ride around the resort. Marilyn & I sat outdoors on the patio, and while there, Heinz & Irene came by to fill us in on some of the details for a bicycle adventure we have planned for later this month.

Carl & Linda wandered over so we all sat outdoors visiting. The gals were practicing their Spanish, while Heinz, Carl & I talked RV's.

It was a very relaxed, lazy day.

After the company left, Marilyn & I went indoors and I took my book to the bedroom to read for awhile. We watched a little tv in the evening and went to bed early. It was wonderful to have a day filled with nothing to do.

As for today, well this day is also going to be a relaxing one. The new mattress we ordered will be delivered this afternoon, and I expect to have a propane bottle filled today. I may get with Gilbert to take our trucks out for a wash and wax.

I have several things needing to be done such as cleaning out the basement storage area, and answering e-mails and messages from our readers, who certainly deserve more attention than I have been able to give them lately. Our good friends, Ralph & Rosalie are on their way to the valley. They plan to spend the night at Waco and be here in Mercedes by Sunday evening. It looks like the weather will be good so we are delighted. We certainly have plans to keep all of us busy while they are visiting.

Well, dear folks, it is time for me to get out of here. It is one of those mornings when I don't have much to write about. This full-timing lifestyle is so laid back and peaceful most of the time, and we just love it. Of course it helps when you are in a place where you can experience summer like weather during the winter.

When you live in such a small space, like in an RV, you enjoy it because your back yard is also part of your living space. We all enjoy outdoor activities and as long as the weather is good, we are happy campers! No pun intended. :)

It appears to be the beginning of another wonderful day and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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