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Some Tata Homes

More Tata

Approaching a Village

Looking at Some Fetishes

Symbolic Fetishes and Pipes They Make For Us, Ha!

Looking Out From Top of Tata

Baobab Fruits Drying...Chief Arriving to Collect


Lady of the House Inside Bedroom

Entry into Tata

Note Fetishes Out Front

Women, One on Lt Wearing Traditional Wedding Headress

Neighbor's Tata

The Iron Forge Outside Pye

Pounding the Iron w/ A Rock

These Guys are Tough!

Went to chevron station and after at least half an hour haggling we settled on a taxi for the day at 25000CFA round trip to Nadoba. Miso was our very good driver, helpful and understanding...tho we think he understood more than he let on...Went to the Wed market day in Nadoba, very different, no tourists(just us,ha). Stopped in a village and paid off the chief to see inside their homes(called tata), took pics and bought baubles. Lots of fetishes everyzhere. On our way back Miso took us up around Mt Kabye thru the town of Pya, President Eyademas home town...where we visited a blacksmith foundry and pottery making village. Watched them fire up the forge and hammer a piece of steel!

The Tamberma compounds(tata) are clay, wood, & straw built originally to defend against slavers (Benins Dahomeyan Kings) in the 17th century.

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