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Yesterday we awoke to cool temperatures which warmed only into the low seventies before the day was over. For a change the winds were calm also. Is that term "Calm Wind" an oxymoron? Hmmmm.....

Marilyn and I had our morning coffee as we discussed what places we wanted to be sure to take Gordon & Juanita, over in Mexico. We know they read our blog so we decided to just ask them if they had any particular place they would like to have lunch and we would show them the various places in town that we have visited.

Gordon & Juanita arrived right at the agreed upon time, bearing gifts. Thay have talked about the wonderful tamales they can get in Harlingen, and they brought some for us. They were still hot and the aroma made our mouths water. We wanted to go back inside the RV to eat them, before going anywhere, but we put them in the fridge and were soon on our way to Mexico.

Gordon and Marilyn, being the photographers in the group, took lots of pictures, and we had a good time. Gordon & Juanita decided that we should have lunch at the Red Snapper because they have read so much about it in this journal.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch of shrimp, fried for me, and with garlic, onions and peppers for the others.

After lunch we continued to explore the town of Nuevo Progresso with these good friends, until we were worn out. One more stop for the girls to purchase candy and for the guys at the duty free store to purchase survival rations, and we were soon back across the bridge and headed for Llano Grande.

Our friends, Heinz & Irene were hosting a happy hour at 4:00 PM and had made it clear that Gordon & Juanita were invited also, so Gordon & Juanita made a quick trip back to their home on wheels to check on Bodie, their little Beagle. They returned to our place and we drove down the street to the happy hour which was well attended by our friends here in the valley.

We were soon comfortably seated on the patio with a plate of good snacks and a glass of wine. The conversation was free and easy. Gordon & Juanita fit right in and everyone had a nice time, with much laughter and story telling.

The happy hours usually last about two hours, or until it begins to get dark and this one broke up as the sun was setting. Several people, including Gordon, Juanita, and Bodie, headed for home, as I loaded our lawn chairs into the truck.

Gilbert & Louise had walked down the street to their site and suddenly we heard Louise yelling at us to hurry and come down there. They had one of the largest tarantulas I have ever seen, sitting on their patio. Of course, everyone ran to get cameras and I have several shots to post for you.

Once the excitement was over, Marilyn & I drove back home where we heated up several tamales for dinner. Mmmmm, good! Thanks, Gordon & Juanita. I might add that the salsa verde is about three degrees beyond pain, but delicious also. :)

Marilyn & I watched a little TV before heading off to bed to read for awhile. I didn't last long as my eyelids kept slamming shut. I did remember to turn the furnace on before going to bed and I know it ran a few times during the night, keeping us all snug and cozy.

Now I am awake while Marilyn is still in bed. Oh Oh, I hear her moving around. That means coffee will soon be ready and I'll spend some time with Hon before getting dressed to play ball again today.

It is going to be another wonderful day here in the valley and I can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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