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Morning dew on the cholla

Morning fog

The Phainopepla

On our walk

An unusual saguaro

We just can't seem to get an early start to anything; we're too busy! This morning for example, we had breakfast and then our meditation period. JoAnn wanted to go to the Saguaro Park clear across town partially to see that side of town and partially to see that particular park. So we got on line and found the cheapest diesel (3.359) which was way out of our way, but we went there anyhow because 15 cents a gallon is worth it. She also researched several routes to get us across town.

Then our MD/Naturopath from Cottonwood called to see how Doug was doing. After checking up he wanted to explore some Nikken wellness products with Doug. Doug had to get the printer out and print up a price list and call him back. We had a discussion about the various products he was interested in, and he placed an order.

So it was about 1 PM when we finally left here. Including the fuel stop it was at least an hour to drive to the park on the other side of town.

At the park we found a 2 mile hike that we wanted to take. This park was created in the 1920's and the loop road we drove was built by the CCC in the 30's. It was repaved recently and in good condition. We had a brisk dodder through the desert trail. (It is ridiculous to say we had a brisk walk at our age) Then we had the long drive back to our side of town and our camp. There seem to be more saguaro in the western section of the park which is on our side of town, but both are pretty and we enjoyed our day.

Pictures today are of the desert behind us and from our walk. One is of a new bird to our bird list: a Phainopepla. It looks like a black cardinal. We have another new bird frequenting our humming bird feeder; a verdin. It is a pretty little bird but so far way to skittish for us to photograph.

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