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Bienvenidos a Fantasy Island

The rules

Resort guests returning from a dive

Enjoying the beautiful pool


Jim and Jeanie


Nothing like the feel of sand between your toes

Very bold monkeys

We were amazed how many rooms the resort had

Blending in with the paying guests



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Bienvenidos a Fantasy Island

Surprise, surprise, our fedex package showed up unexpectedly here at the marina 2 days before we thought we would have to taxi down to pick it up. The Captain had the parts installed in the motor in no time flat and we were off to spend the afternoon at Fantasy Island with our friends Jim and Jeanie.

The management at Fantasy Island welcomes cruisers to use the facilities free of charge. I was impressed with the resort and was in and out of the pool and the ocean, back and forth, snorkelling, swimming, sunning and of course filming! There was an amazing variety of creatures wandering around and of course some eye candy for the guys!

The Captain found postcards and took me to look at them. He probably hadn't noticed the 50% off sign on the women's clothing. Got a beautiful, colourful, fish scene tank top for $11.20. KEWL! The quality of postcards leaves much to be desired here but I picked up a few. Now, if only there was a post office in this town!

We are watching the weather because we hope to take the boat down to West End, the happening part of the island. There are free mooring balls to tie up to, but only for use in suitable weather, which means light wind coming from the east or southeast, which is what we see forecast for the next several days.

Taking advantage of the internet access here, I have been working with a copy editor from PassageMaker on my next article which will appear not in the magazine but on their website in a Web Exclusive Articles section. I'm not positive about the timing but within a week or so the article should be there for anyone interested. It only earns me about half of what a magazine article would but it's still income and keeps me "out there".

I have another article appearing in the March/Apr issue of Living Aboard so I am off to a good start this year with 4 articles so far. Time to get back to the drawing board, so to speak, and crank out some new material.

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