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Left Atakpame at 7 am on minibus arr in this fine town at noon...chkd into Hotel Sourire

then ate our first meal of day across the way at Cafeteria Muset which only took an hour, the standard time for meal prep in W. Africa, friendly folks, good food.

The drive up I noticed a great deal more uncontrolled burning of very large areas(many acrea). The general condition of houses is poor and run down, more than 50 per cent of the houses are mud brick/waddle construction with at least half also thatch roofs!

The haze is persistant due to smoke and harmiton winds. The savanah in Togo is hilly to somewhat mountainous...not like MT tho, much lower elevations. This morning when we headed out for the bus stand it was down right cool.

I realized on the way up also that we had not seen any mechanized agricultural equipment in any of these W. African countries until today when I saw two track type tractors by a large expansive sugar cane operation(as far as I could see in all directions LARGE)

Likewise interesting to note that I have not seen any mules/donkeys & carts in Ghana or Togo! Lots of people hauling stuff on heads & in 4 wheel carts & in cities esp lots of motorbikes.

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