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Ed & Marilyn try out a new mattress

Sue wanted to test it also

Ted deciding what to order

Marilyn and Sue

Ed just waiting for food

Carl, Ted & Sue at the Fiesta

Gilbert, Heinz & Irene at the Fiesta

Yesterday was another windy, warm day here in the valley. Marilyn got out of bed at the same time as I did and that kind of messed up our routine. Normally I get the journal done while she stays in bed and then we have coffee together. Yesterday she gave me coffee while I was doing the journal, so we sort of had our coffee together. At least we were in the same room. :)

Ted & Sue were picking us up around a quarter to ten so we were ready for them. We headed west toward Pharr, TX to see if we could find a new mattress. We went to the Denver Mattress store and found what we wanted. Since we have a California King mattress, they had to order it for us but it should be here in a week or ten days. No problem.

Before we left the mattress store, Marilyn found a little chair designed to look like a football and of course we had to buy it for the new grandson who is supposed to arrive around Feb 21st. We loaded the little football chair into the back of Ted & Sue's SUV and continued west toward a brand new shopping center which is still under construction. Several businesses are open though including a P.F.Changs restaurant and a Barnes & Noble book store. We decided on lunch first and enjoyed that a lot. The food was delicious and everyone had food left over to take home, except me. I pigged out and finished everything I ordered. :) The shrimp with a lobster sauce was great!

After lunch we visited Barnes & Noble. Ted & Sue are just like Marilyn & I in that we could spend hours in a book store. Sue found the music CD she has been wanting and I found a new book by Patrick McManus. Marilyn and Sue also picked up a Spanish dictionary and a book they need for the Spanish course beginning today.

We drove back home with our treasures and I laid down on the bed to read for awhile before getting ready to go to the Fiesta at the Rec Hall.

The resort held a Fiesta with chips, salsa, beer and soda, and live music for dancing. The gang of ten sat together and had a good time until the music began. Then the conversation pretty much came to an end. Some of us did get out and dance a bit, but we didn't stay too long. We didn't want to miss Jennifer's phone call between 7:30 and 8:00 PM and of course the National Championship football game where LSU tromped all over Ohio State. So we have a National Champion which lost two games. Hmmmm.... I still believe that Kansas should have had a shot at the title. Oh well.....

We slept with the windows open all night and enjoyed a nice breeze blowing across the bed. It was a good night which followed a good day. Life is good!

Today is the first ball game for our team. We play against the team which seems to win the league every year. Well, we have a good team also, so we'll see what happens.

It is going to be another wonderful day and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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