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What a day we had in the valley yesterday! Except for the wind, the weather was awesome. The wind, however, was very strong with gusts robust enough to rock the RV slightly. We actually had to move a flower vase because the wind coming in the window was strong enough to blow it over.

Marilyn and I had our coffee early in the morning while it was still dark outside. We started our morning after coffee by making a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up a few items. Once back at the RV it was time for fun so I rode the bike around visiting with Gilbert, Heinz & Irene, Ted and Carl.

Marilyn and I sat in our lounge chairs out on the patio, soaking up some sunshine and reading our books. I had planned to grill hot dogs but the wind was so strong that I decided against that idea. I finally came inside, feeling the same way I used to feel after riding in the convertible with the top down. Rather wind blown!! :)

While sitting outdoors, Gilbert & Heinz dropped by and then Carl walked over. Irene rode over on her bike and Doug stopped by. We had a cold drink with these good people and solved a few of the world's problems. It was after all of these friends had left that we came back inside. I decided to lie down in bed to read for awhile but had no sooner laid my head on the pillow when Ted & Sue came by to visit. We sat inside rather than be blown away by the wind, and talked with them for awhile. It sure has been a pleasure getting to know them and we are hoping they will return to the valley next winter.

We are hoping to see our friends, Dan & Pat also, but we aren't sure if we can get Dan back to Llano Grande. :) Hey, Dan, are you reading this? We also would like to encourage Stephan & Gina and Gordon & Juanita to join the group staying here at Llano.

We made some plans with Ted & Sue, to go to P.F. Changs for lunch today, with a stop at the book store and maybe a stop to buy a new mattress for our bed in the RV.

Marilyn fixed a pasta with chicken and broccoli for our dinner last night, and we watched some football and then watched the "Amazing Race". I went to bed to start a new book after that. Life is good!

We slept with the windows open again. The wind had become calm before I went to bed but there was a gentle breeze coming in the window all night. It was wonderful sleeping.

Marilyn surprised me by waking me with the words, "Honey, it is 6:30, Don't you want to get up to write your journal?"

So, here we are this morning. I have many e-mails and messages to answer. I promise to get to them very soon.

I do have one request from you good folks who read this journal. We had an e-mail yesterday evening from our long time friend, Sherry, informing us that Rick is in the hospital. The doctors don't seem to know what is wrong but I would humbly request your prayers for his speedy recovery. I will let you know when he is back on his feet and feeling well again. I do also want to thank all of you who read our journal and especially those of you who take the time to write and comment about the things I write. It is all of you good people who make it worthwhile for me to do this and I appreciate each one of you.

It is going to be another wonderful day here in the valley, and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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