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Looks a bit like the Bates Motel

Our wonderful room

The incredible Dining Room

B & B in New Norfolk

New Years Eve in Tasmania.......

As promised, this is the story of our 2002 New Year's Eve in New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia.

New Norfolk is a very small town East of Hobart, on a small river. We followed our travel agents directions until we finally accidentally found the town, we were beginning to wonder, did we make a mistake????

Roaming around we wandered into a small pub, for lunch and directions to our Bed and Breakfast, we have reservation for our special new years in Tassie. Our bar keep was very helpful and we left with a full tummy and great knowledge of the area and our B & B. We found it with little problems and drove up to the front door, wondering again, is this a mistake? Looks a little like the "Bates Motel' on steroids... but we are up for an adventure. We park and ring the bell, our land lady, answers and is expecting us. She is a very pleasant woman and takes us to our room...Wow, are we surprised...The entire B & B is authentic 1800's, all the bedrooms are full of antique furniture and little nick knacks. No phone, no TV, no radio, no internet, it is 1800. In fact there is not a TV, radio, etc any where in the house. It is an old house, with rooms for I believe eight guests, plus a beautiful sitting room and dining room, again, full of antiques. Amazing to say the least and then we find out, it is suppose to be haunted, I wonder ????? Maybe we will find out this time. At 7 PM on New Years Eve we are called to the parlor with the 7 other guests, to have our before dinner drinks, and get acquainted with our host and hostess. We find that the other guests mostly are from "everywhere"...New Zealand, England, and various parts of Australia, none are from Tasmania. Most of them come here every year, and we soon find out why. Our Hostess arrives with the menu and sits with us to chat and order our dinner. Beef Wellington, Quail, or some other dish that I can't pronounce nor know what it is, oh be brave, the Host and husband of our hostess is a gourmet chef and this is his big night. The wine is excellent, and the before dinner appetizers are amazing. We chat with all the others, and find they are a diverse and interesting group all about our age, what a great beginning to a wonderful evening. We are called to dinner around 9 and we find that our little dining room is set for couples, candle light abounds, beautiful table settings and pleasant light classical music playing very softly in the background. They bring our first course, quail, and to say it melted in my mouth is an understatement, then the beef Wellington, again, no words to describe....wow comes to mind but doesn't quite say it. It continues until desert and that is some sort of light sorbet and berries. This incredible evening is now into the night, it is after 11 and we are all sort of milling around drinking our Champaign, but the couples are all together, not infringing on each other.... We are waiting on the ghosts, but so far nothing, we step outside to a clear and cool evening, just us mere mortals, standing on the porch of an old haunted house in Tasmania on New Years Eve, waiting on another new year to unfold. Is it the wine, the house, the evening or do we sense a presence? We both are frozen where we are, not even speaking, not sure what we are feeling, but the hair on my neck stood up for sure. Was it the ghost that lives there, from years past, was it the cool evening breeze, was it New Years in a strange and wonderful place on a hill overlooking the river in New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia, you decide?

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