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Yesterday we awoke to more sunshine, warm temperatures and a light breeze. The temperature reached 82 degrees F during the day and the breeze picked up as it usually does, but that only served to make things very comfortable.

Marilyn and I drank our coffee indoors as we researched our summer residence of choice.

We decided to spend two and a half months during the hot, humid summer of Missouri, in Colorado, near Ft Carson, at a place called Mountaindale Cabins and RV Resort. I called and made a reservation from June 20th to Sept 3rd. Marilyn and I are excited about spending that much time in the mountains. She has surfed the internet to find numerous hiking trails for us to hike in that area, as well as the usual tourist attractions. We have good friends living in that area also and it will be nice to see Richard & Dianne as well as Jim & Karen. I'll bet we do some hiking with these good folks.

When we finally decided to get outdoors we went for a walk in the resort. Marilyn's foot was bothering her a bit so we decided to go bike riding instead of walking. We rode over to the newest area of the resort where the newly built permanent homes are located, stopping to talk to Lynn for a moment. He was working hard, digging and edging his lawn, planting trees, etc. We remember that was part of owning a home that we were happy to leave behind when we became full time RVers. :)

When we returned home I saw Ben down the street and I wanted to talk to him about that door hinge on our basement storage area. No, I still had not repaired it. However, this was the day to "git 'er done".

I borrowed a drill bit and some gorilla glue from Ben, and talked with Doug and Jim and Ben for awhile. While I was doing that, Marilyn yelled at me from our site just down the street. Ben said he would come down and give me a hand with the repair on the door, so I headed home. Marilyn was excited when I got home because she had found a website for the Mountaindale resort which showed a map of the resort, and each time you clicked on a particular site, it brought up a picture of that site with an RV set up on it. Very nice!

I called to see if we could get a particular site based on what we were seeing, and the first two choices were already rented out for the summer. Our third choice, site number 72 was available so we booked it. We so look forward to the summer in the mountains!

Ben and I then went outdoors and fixed the hinge on the door by drilling new holes and moving the hinge over just a bit. We then put some gorilla glue on the screws to help keep them from coming loose. We left the hinge alone to allow the glue to set before I reattach the gas strut to it. Once done I offered Ben a cold drink to thank him for helping me, but he took a raincheck and headed home. He is such a nice guy. I will reattach the strut to the door today.

In the afternoon, I took a short nap and then decided to fix some southwest pork and green chili soup. It wasn't a soup kind of day but I wanted to try a recipe Marilyn had found. I modified it enough to make it my own and the result was really good. I love to put on the Mexican music and cook some good food. Just makes one feel good you know!

I am going to get the recipe written out and then I'll put it here in the journal for you folks who might be interested.

Carl & Linda, across the street have both been under the weather a bit so I took some of the soup over to them so Linda wouldn't have to cook. I also took a few tortillas along to have with the soup. Carl gave me a couple of oranges he said were some of the best he had ever tasted.

In the evening we watched a little football on TV, went to bed to read for awhile, and slept with the windows wide open. Awesome!

This sure is a good life and we have nothing that we would change, except that it would be nice to have our daughter and son-in-law closer. :)

Marilyn just placed a hot cup of coffee in front of me so I had better go spend some time with Hon. :)

It is going to be another wonderful day today and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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