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Baloo lazing around




Baloo's back paw

A Spider Monkey

Suicida, a Teyhorn

Leonsio, a Puma

Well I finished up a few days ago at the animal refuge.

At first I was rather frightened of Baloo but after a little while I wasn't afraid anymore and came to really love the big guy, he even started licking my hand and letting me give him kisses, he still tried to bite and claw me on occasions, but that's ok too.

My last day was practically perfect, no rain, well behaved bear and a bit of romance in the Bolivian jungle, who could ask for more? Despite how much I hated the rainy days and being covered with really itchy and ugly mosquito bites and never having really clean clothes (no washing machine)I had an amazing time and I really did not want to leave, I nearly cried saying goodbye to Baloo. I met some great people and animals and the atmosphere was great. I'm so glad I went and I can't wait to go back, most likely I will come back next holidays I get! I mean how lucky was I to be able to spend a month in a very beautiful jungle in Bolivia with a bear and seeing monkeys and Pumas and ocelots and other amazing animals every day, it's kind of surreal actually, how many people in the world can say they did that?

I've uploaded some photos of Baloo and a couple of other animals. I didn't get many photos of monkeys even though there are about 450 in the park, because the capuchins are thiefs and some of them will bite you (requiring stiches) if you don't give them what they want. Also I filled up all my memory with pictures and movies of Baloo.

I'm now in Lima, Peru, I arrived here today, two days late. Turns out my flight was cancelled and they'd put me on a flight two days later but when I got the email about a change I thought they'd only changed the time of the flight so I rocked on up to the airport and when I was told I promptly started crying. Luckily for me the airline put me up in an expensive hotel for 2 nights with transport and all meals paid for. I actually had a bath which was pure heaven considering the places i've been staying. But I wished i'd realised because I could have stayed two more days at the refuge, but what can you do!

Tomorrow I'm leaving for the amazon jungle with my tour so I'm looking forward to that!

Take care

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