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Sunrise from our dining room

Young boy having breakfast

Inside Aribba's




Just outside Arriba's

Street in Nuevo Progresso

Yesterday was another of those awesome days here in the valley. We had bright sunshine and temperatures of 78 degrees F.

Marilyn and I had our morning coffee and then straightened things up in the RV. I took the trash out and put a few things away in our basement storage area, making a mental note that I really do need to clean out that basement and get things squared away in there. Ted & Sue drove up around 10:00 AM and we were on our way to Nuevo Progresso, Mexico. We paid our $2.00 to park and the 25 cents to cross the bridge, and were walking down the "not too crowded" sidewalk toward a Dentist that Ted wanted to get some information from. Many Americans come down to Mexico to have their dental work done because it is so much lower in cost than in the USA. We found the dental office and Ted got the information he wanted. We shopped for a while, purchasing a couple of DVD's and some really good candy we have had before.

Then we made our way to a place called "Arriba's". Our friends, Al & Linda, had taken us here early in the season, only to find the place closed. But they were certainly open today! We sat at a table for four, noticing that all of the tables had ash trays on them. Since we are all non-smokers, we decided to order one drink and not to stay for lunch. The margarita's were really strong and it was happy hour all the time so we ended up with two drinks each. By the time we finished those, the place was beginning to fill up with winter Texans and we decided to leave. We allowed the gals to do some shopping outdoors, where they made a couple of small purchases. Ted had his shoes shined by a young lad with a shoeshine kit, just outside Arriba's. The cost was $1.00 but Ted gave him an extra dollar for a tip. The young man did a good job.

By now, we were all hungry and had decided to try another place we had not visited before, called "Arturo's". This was a very upscale restaurant with linen tablecloths, waiters in tuxedos, etc. Of course, the winter Texans filled the place, dressed mostly in slacks, shorts, brightly colored shirts, sneakers, and ball caps. The food was quite good here also and the desserts of flan and a kind of cheesecake were excellent.

Once we left the restaurant we were ready to head for home, so back across the bridge we went, pausing only to deposit our 30 cents to get back across the bridge, and to clear customs. The customs officials scanned our passports and asked what we had purchased, and that was it. Free to go. I should mention that, if you purchase liquor to bring back to the USA, you must stop to pay a tax to the State of Texas, usually about $1.00 per bottle.

Marilyn and I were stuffed from the dinner so we opened some windows in the RV and sat down to watch the two movies we had purchased. We enjoyed both of them but had a little trouble staying awake. Must be the hard life! :)

Jennifer called while we were watching the movies, but we simply put them on "Pause" to talk with our kid. We love her so much and she has a cold which we wish she didn't have. She is all stuffed up and feeling miserable. She doesn't want to take any medication because of being pregnant, so she suffers through the misery of a winter time cold.

We gave her "telephone hugs" and promised to talk with her again today.

Later in the evening, Marilyn prepared a sandwich for a snack but I wasn't hungry at all. I turned in pretty early since I had missed my afternoon nap. :) I read for awhile and turned out the light before Marilyn came to bed, but I was still awake when she crawled into bed. We slept great last night, with a couple of windows open. The temp was only supposed to fall to 60 last night and then climb back into the low 80's today.

We have nothing on the agenda, except to visit our friends and go with the flow. Life is good!

It promises to be another great day and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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