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Temple in Ayuthaya

Temple in Ayuthaya

Chiang Dao

Chiang Dao

Benz and his cousins


View from house

Potato planting next to the house

So those of you that know me well know i love a good plan! Spontanauity just isn't for me, i prefer to know excatly what i'm doing months in advance so i can write a list, then another list, then another list and finally another list......

Well planning just isn't the name of the game when travelling so i am trying to embrace the concept of never having a clue whats happening next!

In mid december when my lovely boyfriend arrived in Thailand he decided it was a really good idea for me to fly to Chiang Mai the following day after school and spend the weekend with him.

All well and good but at this point it was 11pm and so i spent the night, panicking, making lists in my head and not really idea whether i was going to fly or take the cheaper option of the train....Benz likes to refer to this lack of planning as "Thai style!", i prefer to see it as bloody stupid!

Anyway so as i should have known my panicking was for nothing and by 7pm the next night i was in Chiang Mai with Benz tucking into fish, chips and beer! Very thai, i know!

After this we drove the hour back to Chiang Dao where the house is. The road from Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao has been paid for by the government but unfortunately they appear to have run out of money as its not finished. Imagine driving along a dual carriageway in the dark, without road markings, with massive sections missing (gravel and rocks) where its a free for all (with trucks on your side of the road) winding its way through the mountains and your have some idea of what its like!

Chiang Dao is a small town on the way north towards the Golden triangle, that appears to be becoming more popular with tourists searching for that piece of 'authentic' Thailand. Its a shame because i can see it becoming more touristy as time goes on as more retreats spring up everywhere.

I spent the weekend playing with Benz's little cousins, riding around on a bike, eating and drinking. It is so peaceful and i hope that the tourist industry leaves it alone to stay that way.

The picture above shows Benz and his cousin playing a game of Takraw (Ta Core). The game is played over a net at the same height as a badminton net and the ball is either made of plastic or bamboo. I was invited to join in but declined as its played by hitting the ball against your bare skin and i'm not interested in causing myself that much pain!!

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