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Yesterday was another cool, breezy day. Although the sun shone brightly all day, the temperature never went above 60 degrees. It promises to be warmer today though, and tomorrow, we'll be back into the upper 70's.

Marilyn and I had our morning coffee while discussing plans for several spring and summer adventures. We may attend a Mobile Suites Rally in Amana, Iowa, in May of this year, then we will be at the RV-Dreams Rally in Branson, MO in June, before heading to the Colorado Springs area for a couple of months.

We were still just fooling around the RV when Heinz & Irene came over to give us a firm date for a bicycle adventure into Mexico. It will be on January 18th and that is the day when our friends, Ralph & Rosalie head back north, so I think Marilyn & I will participate in the bike ride.

Once I got cleaned up and dressed, we drove to Wal-Mart and did some shopping for groceries, then returned home and while Marilyn put the groceries away, I went outside and did the "dump the tanks" chore. I need to get the truck washed and waxed again so that is on my agenda. I'll wait until the weather is warm again to do that. Nothing pressing us at all. We can still do what we want to do. No "have to" things on the agenda yet.

Marilyn and I had some lunch and then just puttered around. We read for awhile and then I took a nap while Marilyn caught up on her soaps.

We had some pasta for dinner and then we settled down to watch West Virginia take Oklahoma apart on the football field. West Virginia was fun to watch although they surprised me. I thought Oklahoma would win.

Marilyn went to bed before that game was over but I stayed up until the players poured the gatorade on the coach. :)

We turned the furnace on last night and it ran quite often during the night, keeping us very snug and cozy, even though the temperature outdoors dropped to near 40 degrees F.

Today we start the softball practice again. While the practice games are fun, I need a regular practice to get some timing back. We'll see how it goes. :)

Ted dropped by last night and asked us to go to Mexico with he & Sue on Friday, so we will do that. We enjoy our time in Mexico and always have fun. I'll tell you all about that on Saturday morning. :)

Other than the few things I have mentioned, we have no plans for anything. We'll just take whatever comes along and enjoy the good life. After a couple of quiet days we are ready for some adventures and more fun with our friends. We'll just have to wait and see what this day has in store.....

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