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The Crew Hunting Hippos on the Niger!

Marta & Enrico Boat, Tim & Jakes' Shoulder Boat

Enrico & Marta Boat

Distant Hippos

Lenses Bring Em Up Close

Yup Close and Personal

A Bit Shy

What a Cutie!

One More Time

The Crew Thanks to Marta

Map of Niger on Blackboard in Village School

Children in Village Schoolroom

Marta Organizing Kid's Game

Playing Games w/ Kids

Marta Really into the Game/Song

Friends for Life!

A Village Kitchen

Electricity in the Village!

Outdoor Living Village Style

More Kitchen Scene

Cattle Yard

Different View of Cattle Yard & Grain Storage in Back

Back to Canoes Thru Garden Plots

Heading Home Niger Sunset

On Niger River to see hippos!

Dec 9 Trip to see hippos included a stop at the village on the other side of the Niger which was very enlightening since we could actually see how the people in the countryside live. Pics show much of their lives, school room (3 classes a day with approx 14 in each), kitchen areas, cattle areas, grain storage-upside down cones, garden plots, etc. If Marta and Enrico were not with us we probably would not have been able to understand or interact (picturewise?) as much if at all. Their facility with the language and ability to interrelate I think totally made this visit possible. I took down the information regarding how to help but unfortunately lost that little book! If any folks have a desire to help this small village, especially with school supplies I know contacts can be made thru Marta and Enrico.

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