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Hi Gang,

Sorry I haven't been on here very much. I wrote an entry last night and lost it. I keep forgetting to save my work as I go. Well Happy New Year to yas' we didn't do much. We just sat at home and watched it all on TV. I was waiting to see the ball fall at Time Square, but I guess I had it on the wrong channel, because it kept us waiting. We are in central time, so if we were to see it we had to wait till 1:00am eastern time. Frances got tired and went to bed early, I stayed up to see the ball fall. I finally got tired and went to bed about 11:30pm our time. Frances was already asleep when I got there. It didn't take long for me to get to sleep, but we were woken up not by fireworks but by gun shots. Man what is happening now adays? I thought we were in Vietnam. The noise lasted about a half hour. No news of anyone getting hurt, so that was good.

The next day was full of football, yes. It's nice when your wife likes football too. Well we watch it all day eating everything we could get our hands on. Hee Hee....

That night the temp. started to drop. It just kept going down too. It is now down in the teens. Man I'm glad we are not in our RV. It's not insulated as well as it should be. It's nice to be in a house in the winter. We will soon be headed back to the Mark Twain Cave and Campgrounds for another summer. We love working there in the summer. You should visit if you can. If you do say hi. It is suppose to get even colder. It will worm up by the weekend, hooray!

Well last night our washer machine went out, so I guess we will have to get another one, man just save any $$$$. I was going to put in a dishwasher for Frances, Things happen.

Well got to go so I'll catch a later


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