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Yesterday was a cool, windy day. It finally did reach 60 degrees but it was a perfect day for chili soup while watching football bowl games on TV. Our Missouri Tigers won big over Arkansas. It was a good day for Mizzou!

Ben dropped by to visit for awhile and I took a photo CD of Irene's pictures over to her and Heinz, staying to visit and share a cold drink. In the evening Marilyn and I ate some more chili soup and watched part of the Hawaii / Georgia football game. Then we went to bed to read for awhile, before dropping off to sleep. One of the most enjoyable parts of this lifestyle is having the freedom to live as you wish. We get up early in the morning because we want to, not because we have to. We go to bed in the evening when we want to, not because we have to get some rest before going to w-o-r-k. We visit with friends who live nearby, across the street or down the street, or in a nearby resort, because we want to. We attend cocktail parties which occur on a spur of the moment because we want to, or decide to sit outdoors on our patio, having a glass of wine and enjoying some quiet time together in the sunshine because we want to. In other words, we do what we want to do, whenever we want to. Oh, there are "have to" things which pop up from time to time, and we do some things because we "have to" and not because we "want to", but we try to live in the moment and do the things we do because we "want to".

Our good friends, Ralph & Rosalie, from Wichita, Kansas, are coming to visit us this month. Ralph just retired from Flight Safety, Intl and he says he wants to see what this RV life is all about. So, the question is: What do we show them? If we do special things, it isn't being completely honest because that is more like a vacation than just living everyday life as an RVer. If we just relax around the resort, ride the bikes around visiting friends, and attend a cocktail party, that may be more of a typical day. We do go places and do things, experiencing new adventures often, but they aren't planned ahead of time very often. Our lifestyle is more relaxed and casual than that.

There is not really a typical day to describe. We get up and have our morning coffee, and then do some chores or go off on an adventure, depending on what happens, or what needs to be done.

OK, I guess we'll plan for Ralph & Rosalie to see some of the things we do. I'll have Ralph help me to dump the holding tanks, (I can see an "RV" moment in the future). :)

We will take them into Mexico for a day of shopping, some good food and a margarita. We'll take them to "Pepe's on the River" for more food and live country music. We will take them to meet all of our friends and to a cocktail party. We'll show them our resort, touring the Rec Hall, the Pool Room, Library, Computer room, Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Golf Course, and various RV sites. We may take them for a nature walk in the Bird Sanctuary nearby. I guess that will give them some idea of our environment if not a typical day in the life of a full time RVer.

Well, friends, I guess Marilyn and I will get out and about. We need to go to Wal-Mart for a few items, and do a few chores like dumping the tanks. Hey, Ralph, come on down! :)

Once we get our little chores done, we will have the remainder of the day to do as we please. Wow, I sure do love this lifestyle! I guess we'll take whatever we get for the rest of the day. Life is Good, and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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