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Yesterday we awoke to more gray, overcast skies but, by the time we were out of church, the sun was shining and the day was just beautiful.

We drove west from the Basilica toward Mission, TX, to Pepe's on the River. We were meeting several of our friends there. Gilbert & Louise rode with Marilyn & I, while Rick & Sherry followed us in their car. Ted & Sue, Chuck & Winnie and Ellie were already there when we arrived and we expected to see Gordon & Juanita who drove from Harlingen to meet all of us. I stood outdoors with Gilbert for a few minutes, watching for Gordon & Juanita. Finally I went inside and joined the others but Marilyn & I continued to watch for our friends, Gordon & Juanita while we enjoyed the good food, cold drinks and live country music.

We all wished that our friends, Dan & Pat were with us, and Sue decided to request a song in honor of Pat. Pat loves country music and had sang at karaoke night.

Sue requested "Honky Tonk Angels" and when the singer began that song, She called Pat on her cell phone. The singer sang into a microphone holding the cell phone to his face with his other hand. We were all enjoying this, and then discovered that it was Dan on the phone instead of Pat. She was out doing laundry. Bummer!

We had a fun time at Pepe's and were just leaving, standing outside to say goodbye to Rick & Sherry, with hugs and promises to see each other soon, when we suddenly noticed Juanita standing at the entrance behind us. She and Gordon had been there for a long time waiting for us. The problem was that they waited outside watching for us while we were inside, and when Juanita came inside to look for us, she didn't see us. Another Bummer!

We quickly gave our truck keys to Gilbert as he agreed to drive our truck back to the resort for us. Marilyn and I joined Gordon & Juanita at their table discussing our communication problems. We then rode back to our resort with Gordon & Juanita. Gordon is a hoot and kept us laughing with his stories and his fake dialect.

We sat on the patio at Gilbert & Louise's place for awhile, then said goodbye to Gordon & Juanita. We stopped at the patio of Heinz & Irene and discovered to our dismay that we were supposed to have joined them to view pictures of some of their travels. I had failed to look at our calendar where I write down our social obligations. Another Bummer!

These good friends forgave us and Marilyn & I returned to our little home on wheels, feeling somewhat dejected about the way things had turned out. But that is the way life is, and these wonderful friends love us anyway, and that is the real joy in life. Being loved by people you love in return, even when you screw things up. Life is good!

Marilyn & I spent the evening with a little TV, watching the "Amazing Race" reality show.

I finally turned in and slept great. We had a mixed bag on the day, but had a wonderful time with good friends. Today we have more adventures planned and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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