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Harold, Mary, Michelle

Lauren, Stephan, Mary, Michelle

He's an institution before the parade starts - dances like M.Jackson

Bikers start off the parade

cute sayings they have

banner says alot!

bullshitters make an appearance

low riding shorts are banned in a community near here

cute costume

but look at the back end!

Everyone and everything is going green!

Harold gets a green cape!

Bandwagon for Green - FPL is Fl. Power & Light

Orange Stadium is set for wrecking ball

Remember that Imus was fired?

She's hawking HoHos!

Coconut bras at last for Coconut Grove!

Global warming is melting the icebergs!

bullshitters run through a band!

Want some of OJ's wares?

Tazors made the news, so cops taze a guy here too!

Don't forget all those recalled toys!

Evil Knievel takes a tumble!

Conchalicious girls were on Youtube

love affairs in NASA program made the news, remember?

Staph infections ran rampant in Miami schools

Nurse innoculates us against Staph - Mary was given a shot, too

I thought this was going to be about girls gone wild, but...

Cheney and methods of torture were featured

Mango-viscious goes with chango-iscious theme

Grills gone wild -here with chicken breasts

Chavez & Castro spoofed together

King Mango's court - couldn't get a pic of the Kimg himself

City of Miami steamrolls over everything

talented men on stilts

orchid tree in Michelle's front yard

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

(MP4 - 2.05 MB)

Running of the bullshitters - annual appearance

(MP4 - 3.60 MB)

Chongaliscious song and dance

(MP4 - 3.16 MB)

stilt acrobatics

Today I had the opportunity to watch a parade in the Miami neighborhood called Coconut Grove with Mary and Harold and their friend Michelle with kids named Lauren and Stephan. The parade is a spoof on the year's news and local happenings. It got started in 1981 when a group from the neighborhood wanted to be in the Orange Bowl Parade to present some fun and laughter, but were snubbed. So they had their own parade and it has caught on and grew over the years. I was surprised that it went on for over two hours! The parade route was in a triangle of streets allowing some groups to parade by us multiple times.

The run of the bullshitters was one such group that made at least three appearances - they are a take off on the running of the bulls that occurs yearly in Spain. We were glad that Michelle was with us and explained some of the groups that went by. Like, there was a scare of staph infections in the schools that got blown out of porportion in some people's eyes, so there was a group who dressed as staph members and carriers and a nurse to give shots to protect us from MRSA. I like how they played on how the politicians took up the "green" cause and spoofed Bush and promoted Hillary as putting a real bush in the White House.

Very funny parade and I'm glad I saw it! Hope you enjoy some of the pictures I took today.

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