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So much has happened in such a little amount of time!!

Well, so the second day of our visit in Mumbai, a man came around to our hotel and asked us if we wanted to be in a Bollywood movie (Indian knock off of Hollywood, but so cheesy!!), with the pay of 500 rupies pp. Of course we agreed because who can say that they were in a Bollywood movie and plus 1000 rupies is like two days of money, so yea!!!

It started at 8 that evening. 20 "westerners" were all driven to this high class shopping mall, got our meal, and just hung around. one hour....two hour....three hour.... they finally start setting up stuff. when the shotting actually started to happen it took four hours to get a 10 second shot in. What was happening is that you had all the westerners walking with shopping bags in the back ground and this english guy (because it was supposed to be taking place in london) walking around looking like a guy with an idea but no solution, and having these amazingly good looking women all run up to him and drop a one rupie coin in his pocket. so for 12 hours this went on, with each shot a new really good looking girl, and doin stupid stuff like close ups of the girls hand dropping the coin in his pocket, so corney. well it turns out that this isnt even a movie, but a comercial for axe deoderant, but no biggy i will still be on tv in india or somewhere, so its all good. but what wasnt so good was that we were promised that we would be back at the hotel at 6-7 because we have a train to catch at 11:40 and we still needed to get back and pack and drive an hour to get to the train station. so it is 9:30 when we finally leave the place and it is only because little joy lost it and told him if we missed the train he was paying for an additional nights stay and our train tickets, 1300 rupies, like 35 bucks which is a hell of alot for india. this got the guy so frazzled he got the bus fired up and we actually left people at the mall!!!

so we make it back to the hotel at 10:30 and pack, get a taxi and by God's graces he gives us Mario Andretie for a taxi driver and we make it!! as we are stepping on to the train it start to move, for real. could it get anymore dramatic??!!!!

after no sleep for a week joy and i crash. joy slept most of the 26 hours for the train ride, and we bought a chain and lock all of our stuff to our seats. the next day 2/5 i am invited to a wedding after talking to this guy george for 20 minutes. he is really nice and it is his brother in-laws wedding and he really wants us to come. so for the duration of out ride we talk to him and his two sons. when we finally get to our hotel we crash. it is so good to sleep!! this am we woke up a little off due to the adjustment of the indian cuisine, if you know what i mean??!! ( that rhymes!!) and i have gotten a nasty head cold due to lack of sleep so unfortunatly we had to pass on the wedding. today we slept and just chilled took it easy. but tommorow we start 10 days of festival hopping and river cruising, then back to mumbai to meet my mom, sister and aunt!! i am so freakin excited!!!

India is amazing, i am in love after 5 days. the people are so honest and genuine, it is pretty crazy and with some serious poverty but i love it. joy is still missing her boy freinds back in egypt but i am assuming she will come around!! so that is all for now, enough of the drama!! love to all


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