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Yesterday was a nice day once again. The temperature reached the 70's and the sunshine was nice. We don't miss the snow and ice and freezing temperatures of the northern part of the country at all.

Marilyn and I had our morning coffee indoors. In fact, Marilyn was out of bed before I was, and that is rare. She put the coffee on as I got dressed.

Once we finished our coffee she got busy sorting the laundry. I loaded laundry into the truck and promised to have the RV all straightened up for her by the time she returned.

Marilyn took off in the truck to do her thing and I did some cleaning chores around here, like making the bed, putting a clean bag in the central vac system, etc.

When Marilyn returned I helped unload the laundry and the soap, etc. She put the folded clothing away and had just finished that when Carl stopped over to ask if we would like to go to lunch with them, to the "Blue Onion". We had not been there before but had heard that it was a good place to eat, so we agreed and jumped in Carl's truck.

The lunch was ok, the southwest pork and green chili soup was excellent, and we enjoyed checking out the new place.

Once we arrived back at the RV, the remainder of the day was spent simply relaxing.

We watched a DVD movie called "Fred Claus" and then watched the Kennedy Art Center tribute to Steve Martin and Dianne Carrol. By then it was time for bed and time to start a new book.

We had the windows closed last night and had another good night of sleep.

All in all, it was one of those quiet, relaxing days for us. It was our daughter, Kelly's birthday and we had memories of her with us most of the day. It is hard for us to believe that she would have been 43 years old. Time sure does go by in a hurry as you get older.

Jennifer and Steve called several times during the day, once calling from the cemetery where they took a pink rose for Kelly and checked out the headstones of my mom & dad.

I'm sorry for getting started on this subject, folks. It is all a part of life I guess. Perhaps, as we get older, it is the memories of family members being together which warms our heart on special holidays. Love never dies!

Today we start the softball practice once again. I'll let you know tomorrow how that goes. :)

Today is also the day when Rick & Sherry arrive. Dan & Pat, Ted & Sue and Carl & Linda will drop by our place for a cocktail and to meet Rick & Sherry. Gilbert & Louise and Heinz & Irene have an evening in another community with Canadian friends waiting for them.

So, it is going to be a fun filled enjoyable day today, and you know me, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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