DelRio downtown main street

Downtown DelRio abandoned old church

Downtown DelRio church school

DelRio downtown Methodist church

DelRio city & county gov't building

gov't building

Lake Amistad we found several birdnests

So we looked inside to see what we could find. Empty

Sooooo, you think the lake is alittle high? That's the continued road...

Views of Lake Amistad, near the housing area.


A visitor to a home at the lake


Whoa! nice visitor, indeed.

The day before we left for San Antonio area, we wanted to go see the "thriving metropolis" of DelRio. Didn't find it. Actually what we found is a town struggling to re-establish it's past with a run down "old town" section and a totally separate newer area of small stripmalls. Here's some pics of the downtown area, some of the old charm is there somewhere under the dust and broken clapboards. What we did like though was the lake nearby, Amistad Lake. It's high right now, so high infact, one of the access roads was buried under the water, looks like it happens alot. And we found a charming neighborhood of somewhat new homes and many, many lots for sale! Take alook at the views one could buy for about 15K per 1.5 acre lot! Not a bad deal, really. And I'm sure there one would get many of the wild animals as we'd seen come to visit.

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