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Our girl Shelby

Reid and I left Toivola December 20th. We are in Green Bay for the holidays and will head out on the open road January 2nd.I am really looking forward to our adventure. It will be fun to be in warm weather and sunshine again. Especially since if I look out the window now it is ice and blowing snow as far as the eye can see! Shelby, our dog is coming with us of course and we have another dog who will be traveling with us as well. Silas is a 5 year old border collie/german shepard mix who is riding shot gun with Shelby as far as Colorado, where we will drop him off at his owner's. We figure it will take us until March to get that far. From Green Bay we are heading to Illinois to see Galen and Julie, then Reid said he would take me to the National quilting museum in Kentucky. Atlanta is next where we will vist Vesa,Laura & Oskar. Then Savannah,Ga and south along the Atlantic coast road into Florida to see Barbara and Marc. We have a much longer itinerary, tune in tomorrow for the next installment of Reid and Angel's Excellant adventure.

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