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Well, today was an easy day. We went across the street to Bussey's Flea Market. The first time I have ever been asked to pay for parking at a flea market. Yep, that's rght I said we had to pay a dollar for parking at a flea market. The good thing was that the flea market had nearly 500 vendors! I found some hotwheels I did not have (49 mercs

for me and motorcycles for Billie).

Rocky has got a snotty nose and running a 100 fever off and on. Maybe it will only last a few days.

We are still tying to figure out th sleeping arrangements for Rocky. Him seeping with us is not working, We make the dinnette into a bed and he falls out (tree times the other night alone.) We tried putting him on the bottom bunk with a bed guard and that worked pretty good unill he wke up with a fever at 3:30 am! I really wish we had room for his crib!

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