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The little town of Tentacatita where we ate and bought supplies. Do...

After heading through some beautiful island/ rock formations just off Chamela, we decided to stop into Bahia Careyes. Approaching the anchorage we saw beautiful mansions on the surrounding hilltops. A Club Med resort with beautiful hillisides and beaches can be found at the small anchorage. With one catamaran anchored there, we felt the space was just too small. The other cruisers mentioned how rough the anchorage was the night before which made the decision for us to keep on moving. As we left the area there was a huge bowl looking monument next to a lighthouse. We have no idea what that means.

Next stop was Bahia Tentacatita. We anchored in the early afternoon and went immediately to a place that looked good for snorkeling. In some places it was quite nice. I am happy to report that our new method to get me into the dinghy was successful but not pretty. After a short dinghy ride we went to shore to check out an area that at high tide is reported to have a 'jungle cruise' up to a little town which we plan on seeing tomorrow. I was quite proud of this landing on shore as we remained mostly dry. Mostly is relative. If I only get my legs wet and spare my shorts, I am happy.

We met 3 other cruising couples at the Blue Bay palapa restaurant. Cruisers are typically nice, helpful and friendly people. As always, an hour or two for us new cruisers netted lots of new information to contemplate. The return trip on the dinghy was really not pretty at all. We ventured into the surf a little too early and got soaking wet. The upside... the dinghy did not flip over. Once we got beyond the surf line we were able to bale out the salt water. Mike says it could have been worse, can't wait for that one. Better luck next time.

Took the jungle cruise today 12/20 in our dinghy at high tide. What a cool thing to do. Better than Disneyland with the exception of the smell from the brackish water. Saw lots of birds mostly in the trees and a baby crocodile. It takes about 45 minutes to arrive at the little town with about 25 restaurants and one tiny store. We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of fresh orange juice, shrimp quesadillas, chili rellenos, fresh tortillas and salsa right on the beach. On the return trip, we had to be more cautious as the tide was going out and Mike paddled is a few stretches to get us going again.

Today we kayaked around the huge bay for more than an hour and really enjoyed it. Funny thing is that an hour and half of kayaking takes about three hours from start to finish. By the time we get ready to go, unload the kayaks and set them up, enjoy, rinse them reload them and tie them down it is about twice the time as originally estimated. Thus we had oatmeal for brunch today. First time to use the kayaks since we brought them . Today we are off to Bahia/Barra de Navidad, Bay of the Nativity where we hope to spend Christmas with phone service and internet. Those two items are pretty rare in this part of Mexico. Many crusiers talk about how much they like this spot. Not sure why exactly but hope to tell you why very soon. I heard something about a Frenchman known as the French baker that delivers hot croissants and baguettes daily to your stern! Can't wait till tomorrow...

Miss you all, Feliz Navidad!

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