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Ominous view from Cabo Corrientes

Skipper thinking ahead

We left about 4 a.m. to start our journey past Cabo Corrientes (cape of currents). The winds were about 10-15 knots but it was the swell from the north that was a little precarious for us. We estimated the swells to be about 8-10 feet on the beam and close together which makes the boat roll, nearly gunnel to gunnel. We never felt in danger but boy is it an uncomfortable ride. We decided to forgo breakfast.....

Weather forecasting from our Sirius weather service is pitiful in Mexico. It is really designed for the U.S. and does a fine job there. The best weather forecasting we have available to us is from our single side band radio/HAM. There is a man, Don Anderson who owns a 47 foot Valiant known as Summer Passage which is moored in Ventura Harbor. Anyway, he is a meteorologist and broadcasts most mornings on the Amigo net for cruisers in Mexico. The forecast is mostly about storms and winds. Little is forecasted for swells. Since the Pacific coast has experienced large swells lately from Washington and Oregon, Mexico has been the recipient of swells larger than normal, especially considering the winds. Typically winds and swells run big or small together. Lately, we have had big swell with smaller winds.

We landed in the afternoon at the anchorage in Punta Ipala. The anchorage is filled with floating whatevers that the locals can find to suspend their oysters from. We are talking about aluminum cans, plastic bottles, milk jugs, fenders, etc. These land mines make it very hard to anchor in a small anchorage, considering a boat needs anchor scope of 6:1 minimum. For you landlubbers this means that if we anchor in 25 feet of water, you need 150 feet of anchor rode (chain/line) which means the boat can swing 150 feet in any direction, which it usually does. Anchorages sometimes get wind swirling in them and cause the whole circle dance. Nothing really to do on land thus never launched the dinghy. It was a Sunday and looked like a small Christmas party for locals and didn't want to interfere. After a night's rest we departed for Bahia Chamela

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