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Fireplace on a cool morning


About ready to begin

Louise and Ed

Linda & Carl

Irene, Heinz, Sue and Linda

Irene & Heinz

Linda & Carl

Gilbert & Louise

Sue & Ted

Dan & Pat, with Don

Country Music Star, Pat

Our table

Entrance decorations

Sunrise at Llano Grande

The wind which had blown hard for a day and a night had eased quite a bit by yesterday morning. Several of us were going to play golf and I was happy for a more quiet morning.

Of course a swirling wind can't hurt my golf game. :)

Marilyn and I had our morning coffee and then I drove over to pick up Bob, who was playing golf with Sue, Dan & I.

Our golf games were nothing to brag about. Mine might have been ok except for the penalty strokes. :) I would have broken 100 easily if not for two holes which were complete disasters. :)

When the 18th hole was finished, so was I, and we retired to the clubhouse for a hamburger and a beer. Come to think of it, that was the best part of my game. :)

I dropped Bob at his motorhome and arrived back at our humble abode by 2:00 PM.

The park-wide Christmas dinner and dance was to begin with a happy hour at 5:00 PM, so we showered, dressed and drove to the Rec Hall, wine glasses and wine in a little bag.

We were at a table with Gilbert & Louise, Heinz & Irene, and Carl & Linda. Dan & Pat, along with Ted & Sue were at a table next to ours, with several other couples, including Lynn & Ruth Ann, and a retired pilot from Continental airlines.

The meal was good, the wine was better, and the company was the best. We had a good time. Ted wasn't feeling well, having come down with the head cold that is going around. Dan was also not well and Heinz is coming down with the cold also. Pat & Sue took their spouses, Dan & Ted, home early to begin getting them healthy again.

We made an interesting observation at the dance. The dance floor was packed with people dancing and we made the comment that in our younger days, there would be only a few couples on the floor dancing. These old folks, of which we are two, are pretty lively. No walkers or wheel chairs were seen. More often seen around here are bicycles, motorcycles, joggers, dancers, ball players, golfers, tennis players, swimmers, and all sorts of folks being active, staying young at heart. It is just great.

The temperature outdoors is just 45 degrees this morning. It was only 58 inside since I had the bedroom windows open. Marilyn gave me a bad time about that, insisting that I get the place warmed up before she would get out of bed. :)

Well my friends, there are pictures to post for you so I had better get busy doing that.

It is going to be another wonderful day here in the valley, and I can hardly wait to see what this day has in store.....

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