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A Cooling Swim

We drove through Haast Pass today and stayed with friends at Hawea Flat just out of Wanaka. It was really hot again. When we go to Lake Hawea we had to go for a swim. You could tell it was really hot cause even dad went for a swim!!!

The next day we went to Wanaka and to Puzzling World. It's really cool. There are tables all around with lots and lots of puzzles on them. Then there is another part that you have to pay for that has lots of cool things. There are heaps of holograms, theres a room that looks normal, but has a tilting floor and when you are on one side you hit the roof & look like a giant and on the otherside you look really small. Another room has a sloping floor and when you stand flat on it it's like you a leaning right over and it feels like the floor is moving.

There's also a big maze in it that mum and I did, but it was sooooo hot again!!!! that we cheated just a little by climbing over one wall.

We had a picnic lunch on lake Wanaka, caught up on this and then went for another swim in the lake. (it's still really hot)

Tomorrow we go to Queenstown.

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