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Yesterday after our morning coffee, I needed to run a few errands, like going to the office to cancel one of the apartments we had reserved for Dec 27, 28 & 29. Two of my classmates from high school were coming down here with their spouses, to spend a few days with us, and I had reserved the one bedroom apartments here at the resort. Now, however, one of the couples is unable to make it, but our friends, Rick & Sherry, from San Antonio, will be here. We have a few things planned. :)

In addition to cancelling one of the apartments, I needed to pay the electric bill for last month, and take a small folding table over to Sue. Sue had stopped by to visit for a few moments and I showed her the table Marilyn had been using to work on her beading. Sue thought that same table would work well for her laptop computer so I wanted to let her try it.

Carl dropped by and he was going to the office, so I jumped in the golf cart with Carl and away we went. We stopped at Dan & Pat's place for a couple of minutes and Ted saw us, so he came over and retrieved the table. Then we stopped at the post office to mail a letter and went from there to the main office to pay the electric bill. Carl had paid his the day before but discovered an extra $15.00 charge on his bill which shouldn't have been there. I kidded him about being Santa Claus, etc and then discovered the same charge added to my bill. Now it was a serious matter! :) The girls in the office talked together, went to see the manager, made some phone calls, and finally agreed that the charge was in error. We were happy again!

Headed back to our place we stopped at the motorhome of Bob & Janet, to leave a note about the 8:46 AM tee time on Saturday morning. Sue had called and got a tee time for Dan, Bob, herself and me, to play golf.

Finally, back at our RV, I was ready to go to the grocery store. Marilyn had to get her walk in first so I waited for her to return before we left for the grocery shopping. That wasn't too stressful, and we were soon back home, changed into shorts and sandals, and went outdoors to sit in our lounge chairs on the patio, to read our books. We had picked up some hot wings at the store, for a quick lunch. Now, the remainder of the day was ours, to spend as we wished.

I finally went inside to lay on the bed to read because my eyelids kept slamming shut. The windows were open and a nice breeze was blowing across the bed, so it wasn't long before I was enjoying a little nap.

Later in the afternoon I joined Marilyn for a glass of wine, sitting on the patio, listening to the wind in the palms. Believe me when I mention that the wind was a bit strong yesterday, and it continued most of the night.

I decided to grill some pork steak while Marilyn fixed the veggies and we enjoyed a quiet meal at home for a change. The wind blew out the fire on my little gas grill, several times, before the meat was done to my liking.

Dan & Pat, along with Ted & Sue, had invited us to go with them to Teri's Bistro for dinner, but our wish was for a quiet evening together so we stuck to our plan.

After dinner we watched a new DVD movie called "The Bourne Ultimatum".

We turned in fairly early and slept with the strong wind hitting me in the face, ears or on the back of my head, depending on which way I was turned. I wanted to leave the windows open but tried pulling the shades all the way down. That didn't deter the wind as it kept us awake holding on to the bed covers. :)

All in all, it had been a fine day here in the valley. We have more ahead of us, too. Saturday (That's today) we have a Christmas dinner, Tomorrow is a get together for a going away party, Monday is Christmas eve, then another dinner on Christmas Day, Rick & Sherry will be here on the 27th, and the fun just keeps on going.

Oh well, today I am playing golf with some good friends. The wind continues to blow pretty hard so the golf game should be interesting. :) I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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