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City walls

City walls


Water wheel

Cathedral square

Cathedral square




Palm tree



Some places just click with you for no apparent reason, Cordoba was one of those places. Strangely the same thing happened in Cordoba, Argentina and even more strangely through a website mix-up I nearly booked a bed in Argentina instead of Spain (they combined hostels from both cities on one page).

I arrived in the dark which is often the way at the moment, when I found my hostel I had to walk back out to check the name plate as I thought I'd walked into a place with a few stars to it's name. I went into the room and thought I'd walked into someones private room instead of the 4 bed dorm I was expecting. I went for a late evening wander and found a city that seemed happy and content. I saw no beggars or signs of poverty, I was lots of people enjoying an evening out, families dancing through the streets doing their xmas shopping. Many people were drinking but no-one seemed drunk, many people were eating but no-one seemed fat. Back streets were whitewashed and lighted and no-where looked like a no go area, I wandered aimlessly but came across many interesting areas, a cathedral that obviously started life as a mosque, remains of an old watermill, a roman bridge, winding alleyways, I could have walked around all night. Me gustan Cordoba mucho.

It wasn't all so rosey the next day, the gypsy women were annoyingly persistent with the lucky twigs or whatever they kept shoving under my nose, people came across as much grumpier than they had the night before. When I got back to my room I found the 4 bed dorm had been transformed into a 6-bed, my single bed had miraculously become a bunkbed with me on the top. I had a siesta and went back out again after dark, Cordoba is a night time city but I still like it.

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