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Toledo - I forgot what this is

Nice View in Toledo

Another nice view from the hills of Toledo

Catedral in the background...

Toledo streets -- on hills and narrow

Catedral - built in mid 1100s


I am little tipsy (from drinking wine) as write this now. As per my last message, I went to Toledo this morning. As I was having a free breakfast in the hostel, I made a new friend - Gigi, Chinese/Aussie girl. She said she wants to join me to the Toledo trip. We took a bus which was an hour ride. We got there and it seems like I am being haunted by the same planning problem all the time. We had no map, direction or any idea on where to go.

But as luck would have it, there was a group of chinese tourists and they were being led by a tour guide who spoke ENGLISH to the group!!! We just tagged along and here is what we learned. Toledo was actually one of the most important cities about a thousand year back when Spanish Empire was at its height. Toledo was the capital of Spain until mid 1500s and it ruled most of Europe, Asia and as far as California!! Now, the population is only 82 thousand. The entire city is actually on a hill. There was a cathedral build in 1140 - Catedral. We lost the group because we didn´t want to enter the Cathedral. We just walked around the city. The streets are so narrow and almost all the residential homes are very, very old. We kept going up the hill and down another.

We later ate in a cafe and had a great conversation. Gigi was a nurse in Australia and decided to learn more about heart and lung transplant in Wales. She did some research and found a medical institute in Wales where they specialized in this field. So, she packed her stuff and moved to Wales. I think that takes guts to do. She told me a story that happened before I moved into the hostel. There were two blind people with guide dogs who moved in the hostel. The dogs didn´t get along and one day they met in the lobby of the hostel. They got into a fierce fight..... and there was no way for the blind owners to separate them. How could they?? So, the people around them came in for the blinds´ rescue. I thought that was funny.

My time is winding down Madrid. I made few other friends in the hostel and along the way back from Toledo. Actually, we met a girl who studies climate changes in Europe. She was so friendly that even though we met her for few minutes, she invited us to come and visit her in her home in Bilboa, Spain if we ever go there.

I ended the night by going to a cafe. I discovered "menu del dia." They serve an appetizer, main meal, 1/2 bottle of wine, dessert for a 9 euros (12 bucks) - great deal! That´s why I am little tipsy.. from the wine.

I know I didnt post any pics tonight.. The person who I give my camera to in the internet is not here now and I don´t trust the others. So, wait another day por favor.

Thanks for the messages, keep them coming


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