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Thursday morning we were supposed to go on the bus tour to this fairytail castle made by crazy Ludwig. Well because of the weather that was cancelled. But since we lost Wednesday to hang out in Mittenwald, we took the opportunity to walk around town for a while and take some photos. Then we walked up to this lake. There was so much snow that some of the trails were closed but we made it. And this is where Lindsay expects me to tell you guys that I did fall a total of four times. Two face plants and two slides down to the knees. Luckily I didn't hurt myself but we were wondering if I would make it all the way down. I think Susanne learned very quickly that it's not worth worrying if I'm hurt. Just laugh. Just as we were walking back into town, it sounded like a party. Usually this Thursday is Carnaval. But for some reason it was on Sunday this year. But there is a very traditional dance group and a marching band from Munich that visits every seven years. And they just happened to be there that day. We got there just as they were about to play, so we squished in with all the other people. We could see a couple of there heads but that was about it. We watched for a while but then took off back to the flat for some lunch. Which was a good decision. Because its only a block away and they ended up marching right by us. So we got a nice view from the balcony. We had a very very awesome late lunch early dinner and hung out. Just before everything closed we went back out to take some more photos of the buildings at night. Walked around a bit and did a little shopping. Went back home again and pretty much just acted lazy. We finally met Susanne's husband, Daniel. He spent the week ice climbing. We all hung out and talked a little. But soon enough everyone especially Daniel was ready for bed.

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