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We rode our camels out of camp at sunrise and got some really amazing views. The dunes changed colours as the sun rose from brown to pink to orange. The moon was till out too, and it was a very peaceful journey out of the desert.

Though it got a lot warmer once the sun was up, it was really funny to see everyone in their parkas - the Aussies had fur lined hoods on their jackets and the Chileans were wearing their touqes. Made for a funny picture!

After we left the kasbah, Yoshi, the 2 Aussies and the two of us ditched the group at the next town and crammed into a grand taxi (old mercedes) for a butt numbing 6hr ride north to Fés.

Again, we were amazed by the beautiful and dramatic changes in the landscape --from desert dunes to snow dusted cedar forests to rolling grassy hills with huge oak trees.


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